META: Counting Instances of a SmartDevice Type Across SmartThings?

For various good reasons, it would be useful information to know how many instances of Devices of a particular SmartDevice Type have been installed across the entire SmartThings customer base.

This would be useful for a particular hardware manufacturer, for example, to find out how many of their Z-Wave compatible devices are being used by ST as opposed to being used by a competitor’s hub / controller platform.

The count is also useful if there are multiple variations of device handler code, to find out if users prefer one type over another.

Presumably with the SmartApp / SmartDevice Type “store”, this information will be an included feature for the submitters, but can we and/or various legitimate manufacturers request a raw count from your database as a stopgap in the meantime? @Ben, @April?

I suppose the code itself could write to an external data server via http, but that seems wasteful and is more of a privacy violation.

Thanks for your consideration and questions!