A simple statistics about the usage of SmartThings

Hello, everyone.

    Recently, I'm making a survey on the IoT usage. I want to know how many devices are used by a single user.
    If you are convenient, could you just tell my the number of devices you are using? I just need the number, e.g., 5, 8, etc.
    Thanks a lot.

How many devices are you using right now?

  • 0-10
  • 11-20
  • 21-30
  • 31-40
  • 41-50
  • 51-60
  • 61-70
  • 71-80
  • 81-90
  • 91-100
  • 101+

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Thanks for your reply. However, I cannot see the ‘Build Poll’ in my Options. Why?


hmmm, Might be restricted for new users. I added one for you to my post.

Thanks a lot.

Could you help me modify the question to: ’ How many devices are you using right now?’

 Thanks a lot.