Member Permissions and new Energy app features (June 2023)

A notice has appeared (29th June) announcing that Location members can now be assigned different permissions, and indeed it is true. If you are the Location owner you can now specify whether other members have ‘Full Access’ or can only ‘Control Devices’. This is flagged with the ‘Labs’ icon for experimental functionality.

Had there not been a Notice I wouldn’t have known about it as I never have any reason to go to the ‘Members’ page. It actually makes a change for there to be a new Notice when one is flagged, let alone something interesting.

Now if they could add the current mobile presence status for each user to the Member Information pages that would be even better.


Also, making the Driver menu visible for members with “Full Access” would be great.

I saw this notice as well, but can’t figure out where to look to control options. It’s my account, so I’d like to think I have control rather than my wife who I invited years ago to use the app. Any suggestions where to look exactly? Thanks.

I had trouble too. You have to select the location (usually at the top of the page/app and select “manage locations”. There you can see members of the household and select their permissions.

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Does control devices include read history or just turn them on/off/dim?

There are a few new bits in the energy app now including carbon emissions, seems things are changing, also noticed the virtual device creater in the labs section is off line until July 14th

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I saw the notice about the Energy app. I particularly liked the numbered list of updated features that only had one item in it. Nothing to be seen in the app though, not that I find them of any interest.

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That seems to be related to this announcement a couple days ago

Support for third party devices seems exciting, but none of my device are showing in it yet.


In my app there is now a carbon section with tons of info… not sure its helpful, more a bullet point for advertising

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I missed that announcement, thank you jimmy

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Nothing for me yet, though I have discovered if you hit the kebab menu while the app is starting up you get ‘Link KEPCO Data’ instead of ‘Settings’ and a page inviting you to link your app to the Korea Electric Power Corporation.

Korea !!! :joy::joy::joy:

When it eventually shows in your app take a look at the countries on the carbon intensity map… Cyprus is the worse ??? Its only little so how does that work… Cyprus rocks so i dont believe a word of it

You can now set new permissions for invited members on Android devices. I don’t know about iOS.

The default permissions for invited members include controlling devices or routines with ‘all features’ as well as adding, editing and deleting them.

If you do not want certain members to delete already installed devices or to edit routines, you can change that member’s permissions to ‘control devices only’. Members set to ‘control devices only’ can continue to use all devices, services, modes, and routines that have already been installed.

Member permissions can only be set by Locations admins.

  • SmartThings app > Locations > Manage Locations > Member > Select member to change permissions

In order for owners and members to use this feature normally, update all SmartThings apps that you are using to the latest version.

It is in iOS too.

New option in the energy app
Energy management while away
Allows users to get notified if on or take action if away from set location

I thought I’d seen that before but I am not sure. I don’t have any suitable devices for it.

The carbon stuff has just arrived on my phone. I am struggling to see the point of a ‘carbon calculator’ that compares my carbon emissions to the mileage of a non-specific petrol engined car. Is that supposed to be more meaningful?

I think the Energy management option was there Graham but you could not do anything with it, mine now displays all devices connected to ST with the option to select , de select

Im still waiting for the Weather plug in to work / weather tile top of home page that drives me mad by going to a web site :face_vomiting:

I think I finally found it. It wasn’t easy. :grinning:

Is it showing your zwave and /or zigbee devices in SmartThings Energy?