[OBSOLETE] Run Routine on Presence

Personally, I’ve noticed that my routines don’t execute correctly when i use the presence triggers inside the routines. To remedy I made a little smartApp that will trigger a routine when all selected presence triggers leave and trigger another when one arrrives. It also should allow one to run a routine via multiple triggers.

add a trigger by time
add multiple routine triggered by one event.

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Isn’t that more of an issue with the way the ST app determines whether your phone is present or not? Can you clarify why this smartapp will function more reliably than the built-in routines? Isn’t the weak link still mobile presence in both cases?

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Using the built in routine triggers I’ve had stuff in the routine not execute. Random lights won’t come on, a lock will maybe open, that sort of thing.

I’ve never been able to duplicate it by running the routine manually. In my head that made the issue the auto trigger in the routine so I built this trigger.

The presence sensors are still finicky but I haven’t had any random light fail to turn on using this. Maybe it’s just just dumb luck maybe it’s something else.

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