Measuring Central Heating Pipe Temperature without Mains Power

Hi there, I would like to have temperature probes to measure pipe temperature in a cupboard which has no mains power available.

I have used DS18B20 probes with a z-wave Fibaro successfully elsewhere but that setup uses a power supply, power supply not being available in the cupboard as mentioned. So what options do I have for the cupboard please?

I found a Salus PS600 but not sure if I can use it straight out of the box by just adding it as a device in Smartthings.

Thoughts and advise please………

Thanks in advance

And one other problem is that the PS600 clip is for 15mm pipes, and I would like to accommodate 22mm or larger.


I recently added this device at the request of a user.

I don’t know if it will be sold in your location, I think this one is from Europe.


What country are you in? The device selection does vary. :thinking:

I haven’t heard of anyone who’s been able to get the Salus devices working with SmartThings. There have been multiple topics in the past, but no solutions. :man_shrugging:t2: hopefully, if someone does have it working, they will post. (People using Salus devices with home assistant seem to be using an integration to the Salus gateway, not the individual devices, so I’m guessing it’s using manufacturer proprietary code, but I don’t know for sure.)

Are you just looking for a freeze alert or for a wider temperature range? The reason I ask is because typically a DS18B20 requires too much power for a battery device, which is why there aren’t a lot of off the shelf solutions available. But there are a couple of products which don’t report temperature changes on a regular basis, but rather only send an alert when the temperature drops down near freezing. this requires much less power, so there are some batterypowered devices in this category, typically called β€œfreeze sensorsβ€œ and often included as a feature on a flood sensor.

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Hi, thanks for the responses.

I am trying to measure temperature of central heating pipes in a cupboard with heating valves. I already use a Fibaro implant to measure flow and return pipes of the boiler.

The idea is that if there’s high difference between the flow and cupboard pipe temps then it indicates a likely issue with the valves, which is what happened to me this week.

Thanks again


I’ve decided to get another Fibaro Smart Implant and power it with a 9V battery.


I received all the bits and wired up - all working. Issue is that a 9V PP3 250mA battery will only last barely an hour.

Any thoughts on a battery supply solution? Needs to be 9V minimum.


I’ll be honest: everybody else who has reported trying something similar has run into the same thing. The devices with real time updating that are compatible with SmartThings just require too much battery power.

I realize this would probably be way more work than you want to pursue, but Yolink does make a device which would work for this, but there’s no direct integration to smartthings. You’d probably have to go through home assistant.

Eventually, of course, matter might solve this, but we aren’t there yet. :thinking:

Hopefully, if someone else knows of a better solution, they will post.