Mdns library included in ST lua_libs

Wow! When reading the announcement Hub Firmware Beta 46.4 by @Cory_Heuschkel I followed the link to the http_button, just out of curiosity and noticed it utilised a library st.mdns!!!

I can’t find any documentation, but when I looked at the lua_libs-api_v3\st indeed there is an MDNS library. Excellent. (In fact it is also in v2)

I wish this had been documented as I spent many happy hours making another library work and I know @TAustin has also created an MDNS library

I have an active thread discussing this. I’m also looking to move to the platform version.

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Aha thanks…missed that… Could you point me at the documentation? Or are you referring to the source?

It’s only in the source, but both versions (45 and 46) are in that thread