Documentation for Lua 'require' Libraries

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Where are the Lua ‘require’ libraries documented? I see examples that load ‘st.capabilities’, ‘st.utils’, ‘log’, ‘ltn12’, etc. I have done a search in the Documentation web pages, but nothing seems to pop up.

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The libraries can be downloaded from the releases tab on GitHub:

@philh30 : Thank you for your reply, but I don’t understand your answer. I already have this repo cloned, but it does not document ‘st.utils’, ‘dkjson’ ‘cosock’ ‘net.url’, ‘st.utils’, etc - all libraries that were ‘required’ in examples. As far as I can understand, you don’t download these libraries. Also, I don’t see them in the repo you pointed me to.

Where are these libraries documented?


The libraries are available for download on the Releases tab, download and unpack this:

Documentation of them is really just what you’ll find in the code.

@philh30 Thank you for your answer. I understand what you are saying now. I don’t really want to download the libraries, though. I am asking if there is a place where they are documented. Are you saying the only way to see a documentation is to download the libraries and look at the code?


You’ll find some amount of documentation at the link below, primarily for the st.* libraries. I’ve found GitHub repos for some of the others like dkjson that may have documentation. But yes, downloading the libraries and pulling them into your development environment is your best bet.

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Thank you.