Matter - smart home connectivity standard (formerly Project CHIP)

Still don’t know if it will be a “Matter Bridge” yet or not, though. :thinking:

The Verge seems to indicate it will be a bridge

With support for Matter, any Ikea product connected to the hub should be controllable through any Matter-enabled ecosystem.

Yeah, I asked for confirmation in the comments section.

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Matter is live, meaning the 1.0 specification is finalized and the testing labs are open to certify manufacturer-submitted products.

Official announcement:


And now we wait! (Slightly longer :joy:)


How did I miss this? :thinking:

A friend of mine pointed out that while it’s true Tuya has not said anything one way or another in its materials for end users, they HAVE issued official statements to their “customers”: the companies like Moes, Yagusmart, Zemismart, and almost 100 others, including any company using the Smart Life app.

They are promising a LOT of Matter support, including a “bridging hub.” (Not sure if that’s a “Matter bridge” or not.)

Because of the longer supply chain (Tuya designs and certifies its white label versions, then the individual brand customers add their unique features and packaging) I wouldn’t expect any of these this year, but likely a flood of them next Spring.

Very interesting, and this architecture MIGHT resolve a lot of the proprietary code issues: but only if one of their hub models is a true Matter “bridge.”

If instead they do what SmartThings is doing, provide one way
Matter support in, so that Matter logo devices from other companies can be added to their app, but Tuya hubs cannot be added to other companies’ Matter “controller” apps, from a SmartThings customer perspective it will be essentially the same as today with special handling required for the custom code.

All very interesting.

Tuya will not only provide customers with a Bridge Hub, but also other hubs such as those for Central Control, Smart Speaker Hub, and Multi-Protocol interaction, which help customers realize the automatic interconnection between Matter devices and non-Matter devices within the local network.

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FYI, SmartThings just released their Matter Edge drivers on their github. So we have a better picture now of which Matter devices SmartThings will support. Locks, media players (sound and/or video), sensors (contact, humidity, illuminance, motion, temperature), lights (binary, level, temperature, color) thermostats, and window covering. Connected to SmartThings via Android, Thread and Wifi. It looks like they have some kind of flag in the background to actually enable them to be added, though.


From the approval note:

Note: Tests will succeed after we release the next library version, and these drivers will remain non functional until Matter is enabled across the platform.

yeah, that’s what I was referencing.

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Oh that is quite interesting @JDRoberts: if a Tuya-made Matter bridge comes to fruition, I’d be very interested.

My only hesitation: “Request III” seems to be pushing back on local control, which is all right in some cases, but it makes me wonder if Tuya’s “Bridge Hub” might be one of these “cloud Matter bridges” that the Z-Wave Alliance / Silicon Labs hinted at last year:

Request III: To break the restrictions of LAN and realize cloud-based device management. Matter is a communication protocol based on LAN, rather than cloud-based device control. To match users’ expectations for remotely-controllable scenes, by connecting the Powered by Tuya App to Tuya IoT PaaS, users can realize remote control and operate smart devices from different brands such as Google, Amazon, and Apple. A smart life experience like this will be certain to continually meet users’ expectations.

Matter Protocol Adoption: What Manufacturers Have Planned for 2022 (

Mitch Klein | Executive Director at the Z-Wave Alliance + Director of Strategic Partnerships at Silicon Labs: Matter requires a border router or bridge to connect a Thread device to a Wi-Fi device, and we will similarly see bridges into Z-Wave on Matter. How this bridging will be deployed will depend on the manufacturers. Bridging may be deployed on a gateway, an edge device, or in the cloud. All options will be available as the various working groups establish the necessary APIs and requisite roadmaps for the future.

However, there will be a pretty sizeable market for Matter bridges, so I hope we’ll see some variety and hopefully local bridges, including from Tuya.

This seems to be the first concrete notice that Bridges are coming to consumers.

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The Philips Hue bridge and some of the Aqara hubs will be Matter bridges. (It’s probably not a coincidence that both already do essentially the same function with HomeKit. )

In fact, I believe you were one of the first ones to mention it. :sunglasses:

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WTF?! :thinking:

This new feature is going to be limited to galaxy phone users!

The partnership between Samsung and Google builds on multi-admin by “simplifying device sharing across apps and ecosystems on Android,”


From a user perspective, we are making device sharing easier for Samsung Galaxy users by requiring less knowledge to share between the ecosystems,” says Jung.

Ten to one this shows up as a new “SmartThings Service” in the app. But I’m just guessing on that.

Emphasis added


Must be something at the OS level since its limited to Android and Galaxy devices?

I think it’s a corporate decision, not an engineering one. They have quite a few features now that are only available to galaxy phone users. And it’s easy to put that gatekeeper in the app itself.

But maybe they are using that home automation shortcuts feature that’s now built into android. That wouldn’t limit it to galaxy phones, though.

I think we all know smartthings is free as it makes money from promoting the sale of it’s own devices (fridges, tvs etc) - I am guilty of favouring a Samsung tv over competition for the added integration. I don’t think these new Samsung phone only features are all surprising- how many of us would favour a Samsung phone if it had more smartthings features

The only counter is if they go too far with features limited to samsung phones, how many would be put off smartthings all together (? HA)


I didn’t see anything to particularly suggest that. The bloke’s a top dog in Samsung Electronics, he is going to say ‘Samsung Galaxy users’ and let the other brands do their own marketing.

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We’ll see.

If you missed this, @BlackRose67 shared it in another topic

As expected, the matter compatibility is only one way in. You will be able to add most devices with a Matter logo to your smartthings account, but you will not be able to add your smartthings/Aeotec hub to the Matter-compatible apps from other companies like Apple or IKEA.