Matter - Retire V2 and start Fresh with V3?

With Matter here should i just retire the V2 hub and start Fresh with a V3 hub?

Thankyou in advance for all your replies

It’s your choice. The V2 hub is not a thread border router, so if you want to use matter-certified thread devices you would have to have at least one of those, but there are going to be quite a few choices, including some Apple devices, some Google home devices, and some Amazon echo devices. Or the new smartthings “station” matter hub.

The V2 has more memory than the V3, which can be useful with edge drivers.

And if you did get rid of your V2, you would have to rebuild your entire Network, and all your automations for any hub connected devices.

So if it was me, personally, I would keep the v2 for now. But different things will work for different people.

The following thread might also be of interest:

SmartThings Station if you already have a V2/V3 hub?


You might wait until you need to use a Matter device. By then, the choices might be entirely different.


No way id give up my V2 in favor of a V3 which has less memory and a slower processor. Thread can be gained with another device.


I added the Smart Station to my system to achieve this.


Thankyou everyone!!!
I appreciate all the wisdom

I read the Other thread in regards to Smartthings Station

So the Smartthings Station can be added to V2 hub device network? Or does it have to be seperate?
Apologies if this is a newbie/lame question
ST Station would be the answer if this is the case…

Or is this tooo soon to know…

Thankyou in advance

Tagging @Automated_House , who has been using the Station.

The Station (and the devices added to it) can be added to your existing SmartThings location. But it doesn’t share zigbee networks or Thread networks (at this time).