Master Acronym List

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These don’t all have to do with these forums so this may not be the best place for it, but we need a place to list all the acronyms in use on this site. This post is a wiki so it can be edited by anyone (with a certain trust level). Feel free to add and augment these definitions.

WAF - Wife Acceptance Factor
HAF - Husband Acceptance Factor (more rare)
SAF - Spousal Acceptance Factor (Provisional)

Frustrated by mobile app and device status updates
Scream it to the mountain tops! (Stuff you love about home automation)
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(Kevin Shuk) #3

Ok, I’ll take the bait. Judging by the amount of activity in this topic, this likely isn’t in wide use on the forums, but I propose MAL for - wait for it… - Master Acronym List.
Ah, the things that amuse me on a Monday morning.

(Chrisb) #4

Here’s a new one I just came up with in response to a thread from a new person. He was talking about drag and drop / rule type instructions. Obviously SmartThings isn’t drag and drop system. It works something like that, but you don’t drag and drop things.

And “rules based” doesn’t seem quite right either to me, so I coined a new phrase: If This, Than That, But Only When… The idea here is that ST built in functions are much more than simple If This, Than That type rules. There’s usually a whole host of extra “But only when this condition is active” Technically “But only when” doesn’t take everything into consideration cause there’s other things like “and also do” or “and later do”, etc. But ITTTBOW works because, like all good IT acronyms, it’s pronouncable: It Bow.

Note that I’m intentionally leaving off the ‘F’ from ‘IF’ so as not to get confused with IFTTT

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Sorry to be the PCP (politically correct Police), but: WAF and HAF are awfully sexist.

While it is a fact that tech geeks are disproportionately male, perhaps avoiding gender-disparaging terminology would be a step towards geek-equality?

IMHO. Thanks for consideration,


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