Massively Confused - New Drivers Installed? Not Installed?

I’ve been trying to figure out what devices in my network are using the new “Edge” drivers and which are still on the old Groovy device handlers. I used to use but sadly that’s dead now.

The FAQ suggests that going to “More Options” in the ST app and looking for “Driver” will give you this information. If that’s true then exactly zero of my 75 or so devices are upgraded, which I find hard to believe. It’s a mostly basic collection of Z-wave switches, etc.

The other tip I gleaned from searching was to pull up “Drivers” in my hub device, which I did. There are three drivers listed: Zigbee Switch; Z-Wave Switch; Z-Wave Sensor. What actual devices are using those - total mystery as far as I can tell.

I’ve been slowly replacing my custom smartapps and WebCore implementations by migrating to SharpTools, which so far has been pretty good. But I’d still like to know the status of my devices. Any tips to determine that?

Use the API Browser+


It’s pretty simple if you use the API Browser+. List your devices then click on filter and then DTH and it will list all your devices that are still using the old drivers.


API Browser + is likely all you need right now, but you might also find these two links of interest for future questions.

  1. Life after the IDE: Questions and Answers

  2. community Edge Driver FAQ

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

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Thanks!!! API Browser + is exactly what I needed. Love it. As expected, the vast majority of my devices are still legacy (almost 100)! I would think simple things like motion sensors, switches, etc. would have been the first to be migrated, my stuff is all monoprice, e.g. generic stuff.

If this is a situation where the devices can run on either legacy OR Edge, is there a way for me to force migration to Edge?

To force migration you need delete the device, delete custom DTHs if that is what you are using, add the needed drivers and then repair your devices.

The problem is you will loose your automations when you delete the devices.

The community FAQ on edge should cover pretty much all of your edge Driver related questions. Including how to force a migration and the downsides of doing that.

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

See post three in the FAQ for the specific steps on how to force the transition if you choose to do that:

All the devices that remain to be migrated on my system are on stock device handlers. I have no custom DTH any more, and haven’t for months. They’re basic Z-wave switches and dimmers.

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I’ve read through all the various FAQs, but I did miss that one! Thanks for the reference. In terms of migration I’ve been consistently unable to accomplish it. The instructions I’ve found are:

  • Option 2: Remove your device from SmartThings and uninstall your custom Groovy DTH in the SmartThings Groovy IDE (before Groovy IDE shutdown on December 31, 2022). Re-add your device which should now be onboarded using a supported Edge driver if available or SmartThings owned Groovy DTH (which will be migrated). This option will manually get your custom Groovy DTH moved to a SmartThings supported Lua Edge driver or Groovy DTH if available.

With Option 1 being, just wait for them to migrate automatically. The challenge I have is whenever I remove / re-add a device it automatically uses the DTH driver. The legacy IDE isn’t available for log-in any more, so I can’t even delete the old device handler. Sort of feels like I’m stuck in limbo. :frowning:

for those of us who still have their hubs and devices, IDE is still available… at least for me it is.

if you can login, just remember to go to the My Locations section and tap on the name of your Location… then check to see if your devices show.

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If the device was completely removed, them this means that either

  1. You did not remove the custom DTH. Matching custom DTHs take precedence over Edge drivers during this phase of the transition. Or,
  2. There is no Edge driver that matches the fingerprint of your device.

The IDE should still be available.

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your Samsung account
  3. Tap the 3-lines menu on the top right
  4. Tap Locations, then select your location. If you don’t do this it will incorrectly tell you that you don’t have any devices.

From there you can navigate freely. Just be aware that any device listed with a type of placeholder is on the new architecture and you can’t trust anything about it in the IDE.

I’ve got 12 devices that haven’t been automatically migrated. All are on stock DTHs and most are of the same make and model as some which were auto-migrated before Christmas. Waiting patiently…

Are you still able to get to the ide website? url not resolving for me. I added a bunch of zooz switches and I’d like to see how they are mapping.

IDE was discontinued a few months ago when the transition to the new architecture was complete.

The official web interface to your smartthings account is now at

Here is the official announcement of the change

NEW Advanced User App for SmartThings Web!

However: the new web interface does not yet provide network mapping of any kind, not even the minimum amount we had with the old IDE. :disappointed_relieved:

A number of people have asked, but there has not yet been any official response as to whether a map topology feature will eventually be added or not.