Map of Actions/Things/Apps?

So I’ve added Things and HHA and apps as I’ve gone along and come across a need. I find myself constantly readjusting the connections in actions or apps because I’ve added a new mode or thing and cant remember what all I need to connect to it.

Is there any way to ‘see’ which things are connected in which ways, maybe through the IDE?

For example: Add action to set outside lights to 20% when I’m on the back deck, also puts me into “Entertaining” mode. Later I add a smartapp to turn on all the back lights 100% when I open the back door to take out the garbage, which overrides my setttings. I just needed to set the app to be in modes other than Entertaining, but I had forgotten about the first action.

Because there are so many things & actions & modes, everytime I add something I just have to wait until there is an unexpected result and bust out the phone to make the changes. Feels haphazard.

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I wish! I literally have spreadsheets taped to the door so I can see what is scheduled to happen when, and I only have 17 “things”!

You can see everything that’s assigned to a specific device by opening the mobile app, going to the things page on the dashboard, tapping the little gear next to the icon on its thing tile (to open up its device details page), and then tapping on the smartapps tile there.

This will show you a list of all the shortcut groups, hello home actions, official smartapps, and custom smartapps that reference this device. No summary, though, if you can’t remember why something is assigned to a device, you have to open it up and just look at it.

So it’s not a lot of help for detailed planning, but it is a quick reminder of "oh, yeah, that’s included in the “good morning” action.

But there’s no equivalent way to start from the mode and see everything that’s using that.

Smartthings definitely needs an official rules engine/scheduler with a good view into both.

Currently no. I’ve heard whishpers of something though.


Im a visual person so I’m considering drawing a spiderweb style map to keep updated, but that’s a task to update since I’m continually adding. Its a bit of trial and error to include everything necessary.

I do know about driving down in each thing, but that is tedious. Would be nice for it to be apparent through the IDE.


I would also love a “Home View” similar to the one that ADT offers:

That’s literally the only thing that I miss from my old ADT system. It was awesome to see a quick look at the whole house at a glance.


For HVAC it makes a load of sense to show a spatial diagram. For other applications I don’t mind the current setups.

Can anyone suggest a free relationship mapping tool that would be useful for this sort of thing to show linkages?

Oooh you want their app relations too? That would be SmartThings only. I don’t even know if a developer can see what devices are connected to what apps…

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I can see the apps in use by drilling down in each Thing in the IDE

To see whats in the HHAs I can click on the (Phrase)s. But how can I throw that data into something visual?

Only you have access to that, it’s off limits to SmartApps i think. SmartThings would have to develop something. I think @mager would be the best person to register this feature request with, who should be summoned forth by my mention… Sorry if I’m spewing incorrect nonsense.

If someone was really motivated, they probably could build something based on the API. It seems like a jumbled mess, but maybe it’s not as bad once you start parsing it. Specifically I was looking at

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Not free, but for five or 10 bucks you can get a mind mapping app that will do this really well.

I personally like IThoughts which is one of the $10 ones, but has a ton of features. You will have to enter all the data from scratch the first time, but after that it’s really easy to copy items to a different part of the map or a different map altogether, or regroup them, all that.

Also, you can include pictures, or links to the product manuals, or wiring diagrams, or links to this forum’s topics… Makes it really easy to throw together a bunch of stuff for future reference, and go back and add stuff as you think of it.

Before my most recent loss of hand function I used to use it a lot. Anyway worth taking a look at.

Just search the app store for “mind maps” and you’ll see a lot of choices.

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I’ve used Dia for some process mapping. It’s an open source “equivalent” to visio


I was thinking the same thing.

The API information screens (with various levels of drill down) do show which Devices are associated with each SmartApp… Is this comprehensive?

If so, then automatically scraping and drawing a map is theoretically possible. Not a SmartApp… Some fancy Javascript.


Thanks for the more educated responses :smiley:

Maybe it’s an engineering thing, but for me personally I really like to be able to add my own notes and links to wiring diagrams and stuff. Scraping the schematic is great, but it’s just the first step to what I want for myself.