Making Xiaomi Motion Sensor a Super Motion Sensor

Hey peeps’,

Tried it on the Mi version R4, with great succes.
Instead of soldering i used silver PCB repair glue, just a tiny bit between TP14 and the switch (see picture).
Result: Immediate sees occupancy and after 6 seconds it’s cleared a new situation is already discovered.

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can anyone tell how it goes in the long run?

What is the battery life of modified devices , any other downsides ?

I did the same with a pencil, graphite allows enough electricity to pass through

Anyone knows what hardware mod needs this new sensor? Thanks!

what do you mean by new sensor. new models have 1s cool down out of the box

Not in my case. My DJT11LM is still 60 seconds…

your sensor Xiaomi DJT11LM control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT

is the vibration sensor(not PIR) and the cool-down is likely software, contact your device driver provider