Making NonDimmer Switches Show up as “light” in STHM in new V3 app?

I am setting up monitoring and when I goto choose what lights to turn on, only dimmers switches are showing up. I have a couple other switches that control lights and need these to show. Is there a way to force a switch to be categorised as a light? Below is a sample of one of my switches from the IDE.

GE Wall Switch Device Kitchen Lights

Name GE Wall Switch
Label Kitchen Lights
Type Z-Wave Switch
Version Published


I’ve got tons of these switches, and they show up for me in automation, routines, etc. Can you send along screenshots of what you’re trying to do, or provide a little more detail? New app or Classic app?

Are you using a custom handler? If so, switch the device to the default handler or add capability "Light" to the code.

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Using default handler.

Your devices should be showing up. Which app are you using to create your monitoring/automations?

If I go into Smartthings home monitor on the new app, then security, choose set response, on of the options is turn on lights. The only thing that show up under lights are the 3 dimmers I have, not the other two switches that have lights on them I want to turn on.

I guess I could create a virtual light, have that turn on, then automate the other items to turn on when that virtual light comes on, but that seems like a lot of work when you would think you could turn on switches and lights in response to an alarm.

Oh wow, yup, the same thing happens to me. That has to be another bug in the new app because I can select any of my switches in Classic. You might want to send in a support ticket.


Lordy. It used to look for devices with capability “light”. Looks like they changed it to capability “Switch Level”. :man_facepalming:


I opened a ticket. Will update when I get a final answer from them.

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A bug report was filed for this issue today.


Watching this thread. I have the same problem. Recently “upgraded” to the new app and SHM has completely lost its usefulness due to this issue.

Having the same issue. Hoping this is fixed soon.

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I set an a ticket for something similar to this issues with the Home Monitor Section of the New App. I only had options for my local Z-Wave Bulbs, and none of my Lutron Lighting In-Wall Dimmers were an option. The Lutron Lights are working in Automation and works fine overall within the New App, but not an option when i choose an Lighting Response within the Home Monitoring Section of the New App.

They response i got from support is pasted below. TLDR; Lutron is a cloud based solution and not supported even though SmartThings is too.

Thank you for your response.

As Lutron Dimmers are the cloud devices and SmartThings Home Monitor are Automations that allow you to configure child Automation with the ability to run locally. SmartThings Home Monitor is the only Automations with local processing capabilities at this time. So that Lutron Dimmers are not an option for SmartThings Home Monitor.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Wait a minute… SmartThings as a platform is also Cloud base no? How would I monitors my Home once i leave my local network? Defeats the purpose of “Cloud” Monitoring right? Someone opens the Door while the system is Armed, how would I know about it unless I was already in the house? Might as well change the “Away” mode and label it “Hope your house is safe as we would cannot notify you while you’re away because we’re not a Cloud Service as well”

I’m waiting on a response from support.

That’s an odd response.

  1. SmartTHings Home Monitor in the new app doesn’t run local (last I checked)
  2. They allow non-local z-wave and zigbee devices to be picked

I was trying to migrate over to the New App, as some of the newer devices are only supported on the newer APP. However when I ran into this issue with the Home Monitoring feature, I wanted to reach out to support before I start removing and adding items in and out of the New App as i didn’t want to disrupt the Classic App I still use.

Once they gave me that “cloud” response i felt something was not right. so i gave them a similar response about cloud accessing anything with SmartThings and going to wait for their reply.

That’s mixing together a bunch of different issues.

And I agree, it’s a really odd response that you got, although I have to say “odd“ is not the first word that came to mind. :wink:

First, with the exception of the ADT/SmartThings logo hub model, all notifications, including push notifications, from any SmartThings system are cloud-based. If you lose Internet or the cloud goes down, you don’t get any notifications. And the smartthings app won’t work. :disappointed_relieved: that’s why none of the other models are really fit for purpose as a security system.

However, it is true that some parts of smartthings Home monitor can run locally, as long as all of the Devices in the automation can run locally. So if your smoke detector went off, you could still have the lights come on automatically. Or if a sensor triggered you could still have the siren go off. But if you didn’t have Internet you wouldn’t get any notifications.

Finally, third issue, is that sometime in the last month or so they messed up as far as which lights can be added to a smart home monitor rule. And it doesn’t even have to do with local, it has to do with a dimmer definition. That’s discussed above.

So at least three separate issues. But if they are now saying that they are not going to allow cloud-based integrations like Lutron to even be included in the smart home monitoring automations because they can never be local, then that’s new.


Their response when i said that it worked in the classic app before.

Thank you for writing back to us.

We are really sorry for delayed in response.

As previously mentioned that SmartThings Home Monitor is the only Automations with local processing capabilities at this time. For more information please visit the link given below.

However, you can use the devices which runs locally to get notified if your Home Monitor gets alerted.

For any further assistance feel free to reach out to us.

hmmm… seems like a cop out.

Have you checked after the app update that came out Yesterday? My STHM is now Showing non-dimming switches.

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Jimmy, you are correct, it now updates with all my working Dimmers, it also added my Harmony Scenes, but that is fine.

I guess it all works now despite Support stating it shouldn’t.

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