Home Monitor - Lutron lights are not available (June 2019)

Trying to switch over to the new SmartThings app. I have Lutron light switches. In the Home Monitor app, under Security and Set Respons, the Lights option says, “None Available”. But I have plenty of Lutron lights and use them in other animations. In fact, I used them in the Classic Apps Smart Home Monitor.

Any ideas why the are not showing up?

Probably the following bug: (the topic title is a clickable Link)

Definitely report it to support.


The above link is related.

The second component to your specific issue seems to be that the Lutron dimmer devices, which I would expect to work with SmartThings Home Monitor, do not have a “Light” capability.

You can contact support as JD suggested so they can track the issue but I’ll also update our internal issue tracker to reflect the issue impacts Lutron dimmers as well.


I was like to chime in that i also have this issue. I was going to try out and switch over from the Classic APP to the New one, but when i was setting up the Home Monitoring, I Also encountered this issue. I have 2 Smart Bulbs that show up, but none of my Lutron Dimmers Show up as an option. They are working in the rest of the App, but i guess they are not correctly flagged as usable light sources in the Home Monitoring App.

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