Making hub think raspberry pi is device

Is there code I can write to send data to my smart things hub from my raspberry pi so that the hub thinks the pi is a device? For instance if I have a device handler setup on my smart things hub for a sensor, can I use a raspberry pi to send the hub information so that the device handler thinks the pi is a sensor? I have tried a few projects that create device types but I have not seen any that work for exactly what I need.

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Try this one.


I did go through this and I get stuck trying to download BerryIO. It says php file cannot download properly. Have you done this project and perhaps do you know why this didn’t work?

MQTT is probably a generic solution. Install “mosquitto” on the RPi, combined with node-red you can make it do about anything. Setting up an MQTT bridge is a little fiddly, but it does work eventually. Search for “MQTT bridge” in the forums.