Making Dome Siren sounds work with SmartThings Button?

I have a SmartThings button and a Dome Siren. I would like to be able to Double Press the button and play a specific tone/sound with the Dome Siren. I cannot figure out how to do that.

I can get something when the button is pressed once but it just plays the dome alarm only. I’d like to double tap the button and it plays a different Chime on the Dome Siren.

Please help.

The stock DTH cant do anything but siren, but if you are using
[RELEASE] Dome Siren (Official)
Then set up Speaker Companion under Music & Sounds.

I’m not sure you’re going to be able to at the present time because of the following conflicting facts:

  1. I believe at the present time that the double press for the new SmartThings button is only exposed in the new app, “smartthings ( Samsung connect)”


  1. in order to get to the Dome siren sounds, you have to be using a custom device type handler, and at the present time custom device type handler’s mostly don’t work with the new app, you have to use those with classic.

So it just may not be possible right now.

Can you make it work with just a single press?

There is a modification you can make to some custom device Handlers that will let them be used with a new app but it doesn’t work with everything.


Use @krlaframboise version for the Zooz chime, which also works for the Dome unit. It uses switch dimmer settings to trigger the 10 chimes. So you could use any number of smart apps on the Classic or new app to trigger them.
[RELEASE] Zooz Smart Chime