Make remote control connected to arduino or st

(Michael Sammon) #1

i search for hacking any remote control with arduino shield and i find this link…Hacking ‘any’ Remote Control with the SmartThings Arduino Shield.…but its an old link b/c with the new forum i can not find it. does this page still exist? im buying some under cabinet lighting that comes with a remote and i would like to control it. instead of buying a relay…maybe disect remote and connect to arduino & st shield.

(Gilbert Chan) #2

You may be able to find the page via Google cached sites, but I was unable to easily.

It’s a rather simple mod. You use the Arduino to bridge the points of two pins, in this case, the pins are the two leads on a single remote contact point. You can probably use the on/off shield device handler/Arduino sketch to send the command to the Arduino to turn them on and off (you’ll probably have to make some slight modifications since the Arduino is only sending a momentary pulse and not a consistent on/off toggle.

If i find an article on this, I’ll link it.

Good luck on your project.

Also, if you’re simply controlling a LED strip that comes with a remote, you can use Fibaro’s RGB controller. Haven’t tried it myself though:

(Keith Croshaw) #3

Hey @thegibertchan, did you ever find the article above, I know this an old topic but I’m interested and can’t find it anywhere. I bookmarked it a while back but I guess it was removed. It was for a Somfy system in one of ST’s offices.