Mailbox door using an Ecolink and GE outdoor outlet

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Starting a separate discussion on this so we don’t side track the original discussion.


I have a custom SHM rule for the notifications (Alexa steps are further down this post):

Here’s my existing rule, but start out creating a new one:

Fill out just this basic info:

Set up notifications:

Fill out who should get notified and use a custom message if you want. Done!

Regarding Alexa, if you have a spare Android device this is super easy:

1.) You’ll need the SmartApp called Big Talker:

2.) You’ll need LANnouncer installed on the spare Andoid device:

And more info here:

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I am out of luck with the Alexa thing as I have an IOS device, so that ends that I assume.

I am going to have to figure out some other way to get Alexa to speak. I wonder if there is any skill available.

I’m not sure what options exist for iOS, but search the community, maybe something else can be done.

I have tried that, but so far haven’t found anything that would work. I will keep searching. If worse comes to worse I will use SMS which will go to my iphone and iMac.

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Have a question. I have a mailbox that opens on the top. where and how do i put the sensor?

I have a bunch of Iris contact sensors that I got on sale. Can i use those?



Hi @kalex1114,

Now you may have an opportunity since it looks like your box is attached to your home.

For starters, I’d join one of the Iris sensors right at the hub. As you reach certain distances away from it, and any other zigbee repeaters, keep opening and closing the contact to make sure you still see it work properly.

Depending upon where your hub and any other repeater is relative to that box inside your home, you may be in really good shape. I’d first mount the main part of the sensor on the lid in the area I have circled, with the magnet inside the box. This should give you the best opportunity for maintaining communications. These sensors have a decent gap with the magnet, so be sure to try all sorts of placement options. Also, before using the strong adhesive, test with masking tape or something so you can easily move things around.

If you stop seeing any open/close events (or even temperature) once you mount the sensor and close the lid, you may need a repeater close by, preferably just on the other side of that brick wall if you have a wall outlet available.

Considering your particular situation, and where your mailbox is, you should have a pretty decent chance of making this work. It’s worth a shot.

Actually the smarthings hub is very close to the mailbox. Its in the garage which is right by the mailbox. Going to try the iris sensors tomorrow and see how it works. Worse case I can put a motion sensor inside the mailbox and use that.

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Well two days of searching and no cure for the problem other than get a Android device and pay for a contract. At little bit of lunacy there. So I guess I am out of luck.


My Android device is an old Samsung S4 tucked away in a drawer with LANnouncer installed. No fees, no contract, no worries. You don’t need any cell provider contract because it’s just connected to your wifi and to Alexa via Bluetooth.

Get yourself a cheap Android tablet on Amazon or eBay and you’re good to go.