MagicHome Uninstallation Error

(Sean) #1

@tgauchat or anyone else, I have the MagicHome SmartApp installed and I am trying to uninstall it but I keep getting an error(An unexpected error occurred). Does anyone have any ideas how I can uninstall the app/get past this error? Any help would be appreciated.



(Chuck Pearce) #2

Any errors reported in your “Live Logging” console when you attempt to uninstall with it pulled up?

(Antonio Lopez) #3

I had to have ST uninstall it for me. Nothing I tried worked. App, IDE, nothing. Did not go into the events to see if I could spot what was going on cause of lack of time. But like I said, finally had ST uninstall it. If you email them they should get it done within a day or so.

(Jack Rabbit Slim) #4

Try this thread

(Sean) #5

Thank you for the link @jelc29, that worked for me.