Magic Home LED strip lights not working

So I just brought the Magic Home LED strip light and I connected it and it was all alright and then I added a password to it so now one else could connect. However when I made the password in a went to put it into my WiFi it’s wouldn’t let me and said it would only connect if another device had been connected to it , which it hadn’t as it was only connected to my phone . So now it won’t let me access the LEDBnet WiFi so I can control my lights .also the password it correct .
Does anyone know what to do or something that could help? I

I had a similar issue I reset the LED strip via the plugging in and unplugging sequence. Oddly enough there was two separate apps in the Play Store (I’m on android) that I had to download in order to get the LED strip onto my WIFI network. The 1st app connected me to the strip via that LEDBnet and then I opened the second app and connected to my WIFI. good luck.


You need to use the other app . Magic home WiFi to set it up. Magic home plus is just for show .

Hello So I have a similar issue , The modem was changed along with the wifi password And like a fool i deleted the device from the app thinking it would be found easily and I could just add it like new but my wifi can not find the Magic led light, I tried the supposed resetting steps the on for 5 sec off for 3 sec 4 times and I have tried a bunch of times even using a stop watch to try to be as accurate as possible but it does not reset. Can anyone help me figure out how to reset this so I can add it back on the the wifi network Thanks

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This happened to me also, although I didnt change my routers password. I just turned it off for a few days. Tried the reset but no luck. No wifi connection and not connecting through the app. Thinking of sending it back.

I had a problem where my power cable didn’t come with my LED lights but I sorted it out by using an old computer cable to power it… It worked for 1 day and today it just wouldn’t work. Can someone help me please

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