Get Hub Mac Address

I’m writing an App that interacts with a Cloud API which requires a MAC address of the device. I’ve seen a couple posts related to this, but I thought I’d check in again, is there still now way to retrieve the MAC address of the hub via a SmartApp? GUID is available via getId() I suppose I could mash some bits there to fake it, but seems like it would be easier if the MAC were exposed via Hub object

I use an iPhone aand an app called Fing it gives all the Mac addresses of everything on my WiFi network. Also shows all IP addresses and the mfg of the device.

He is asking “is there way to retrieve the MAC address of the hub via a SmartApp?”, not using other app…

Mobile, so hard to verify this in ide, but if memory serves its locations.hub[0].id assuming hub[0] is your hub you are looking for. Might be location.hub[0].id can’t exactly remember.

This is for the GUID though correct? The best i’ve come up w/ is something like this. It’s completely unrelated to what the actual MAC address but should still work as a unique identifier for the remote system.

// MAC address isn't exposed via hub, so we'll have to fake it using guid
def generateSystemId(hub) {
	def guid = hub.getId().toString()
    def value = guid.split('-')[4]
    log.debug("lsb of guid is: ${value}")
    def mac = "${value[0..1]}:${value[2..3]}:${value[3..4]}:${value[4..5]}:${value[5..6]}:${value[7..8]}"
	return mac.toString()