Lyasi Wifi wall switches (Sonoff plus Ewelink Cloud)

(AndrewVish) #1

Has any one used these switchs to integrate with SmartThings? They use same software as sonoff

They look good and ~$20

Please let me know
Thank you

Totally new to SmartThings
(AndrewVish) #2

They also work with google home and Alexa

(jkp) #3

What is the brand name for this item? Is there a URL?

(AndrewVish) #4

I found them on Amazon but I can get it cheaper in large quantities I want to make sure it will work with ST hub.
Smart Switch,Wi-Fi Light Switch In-wall Wireless Switch Works With Amazon Alex…

(AndrewVish) #5

If someone is interested besides me let me know I can get some cheaper samples for someone that can develop integration.

(Bill S.) #6

If they are the same firmware and chipset as the Sonoff devices, then you should be able to reprogram them to work with ST. YMMV of course.

(AndrewVish) #7

Yes same firmware. Any one interested of buying them if I order large quantity I can get a good deal.

(Mark) #8


No offense intended, but I think the image of the lightbulb with little lightning bolt in it looks silly. Most people know that a switch on a wall is there to turn on/off a light (or other electrical load) that runs on electricity. No instructional symbols required.

Great price for an in-wall light switch though. Good luck getting it working with ST!

(Dave Gutheinz) #9

The Ewelink app is a home control app for multiple devices. I believe that each device has its own widget. If Sonoff also uses this app, it does NOT extend to having a device handler for SmartThings. I have put a question into Amazon to find out more. The price is certainly right.

(AndrewVish) #10

If you you want it I will be able to get better pricing. They have this kind aswell

(AndrewVish) #11

Comes with 1 year warranty.

(Dave Gutheinz) #12

More research. This switch is a new trend for inexpensive systems. Essentially, the manufacturer has developed a switch and firmware. However, they do not have any cloud infrastructure. They use EWELINK as their cloud interface, writing only their device-specific device handler. All control (even through Alexa, Google Home, etc) is through the EWELINK cloud. That is one reason they are less expensive.

Consumer Pro: Low initial cost.
SmartThings Pro: Device may be UPNP (?). If so, with API could create ST integration with API info.
Consumer Con: All control is through cloud (no ability ever for non-cloud control w/o special software of firmware (like SmartThing Sonoff. (As compared to WeMo or TP-Link which have local control if at home.)
SmartThings Con: w/o special software or API data from EWELINK or manufacturer, SmartThings integration will be difficult.


Personally, I only use UL or ETF listed devices for devices that control current in my home. :wink:

Cheap isn’t always worth it. :rotating_light::fire_engine::ambulance:


Also note that these switches are unusual proportions for the US market and will not fit your regular face plates or fit in a multi gang box:

The LYASI Wi-Fi light switch is wider than a normal light switch so you can’t reuse the existing face plate or use it in a multi-gang outlet since the face plate won’t fit.

(AndrewVish) #15

contacted manufacture. told me that they fit regular regular US face plats. Order a trial. will keep you updated.



Put me down for 5 of them if you get a good deal. PM me with how much I owe you and we can talk payment.

Can you also confirm how many wires are need as currently in US we have at least Line + Load + Nutral?
And do they have a Groung Screw connector.

(Jam I Noes) #17

I got mine. KS-602 is the part number. This fits perfectly on a Decorator type faceplate.

(Jam I Noes) #18

I ordered a KS-602 from amazon. The switch fits a standard Decorator type faceplate.

(Jam I Noes) #19

It has 4 screws, labeled from left to right: L (line), OUT (load), Ground, N (neutral)


Can someone on this thread who has a bit better understanding of circuit boards take a look at this device and tell me where I can solder the RX, TX, VCC, and GRND connectors in order to attempt flashing it with SONOF firmware? I see a 4 dot spot on the TOP for the header, but can’t make out the order.