Luton caseta control integration?

Given the high reliability of Luton caseta control system, when will it be included within the SmartThings hub. This is crucial for our considering the SmartThings system.

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They have said several times that it is not on the current roadmap.

Since both Lutron Caseta and SmartThings have an IFTTT channel, you can get indirect integration that way. It’s pretty good for things that are on a time schedule or for the window coverings, but there’s typically too much lag if you want to turn on the switch and have a light come on as someone walks into the room.

There is a community member who has built his own hardware bridge for integration with Lutron RA, some people are looking at it for Lutron RA2 (which is what Lutron Caseta uses) but nothing official.

If Lutron Caseta integration is necessary to your project, I would look into Staples Connect instead. Or HomeKit (perhaps with the Insteon HomeKit bridge thrown in as well).

Staples connect is garbage. I ditched that for smart things and a Caseta bridge. It’s far from perfect, but it’s way more capable than staples connect.

I’d love to see Caseta support

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