Lutron Connected Bulb Remote

I was at Depot yesterday, and they gave me a free Wink hub. As of now it still requires the beta software (which I don’t have) to connect this Lutron remote, so I still can’t use it. Hoping to see I become more than just a remote dimmer.

How’d you end up getting a free hub? I was planning on using the coupon to get it for $30 off but I’d take it for free instead :smile:

Unfortunately it wasn’t a deal they were running but a store problem. None of the hubs had working UPC codes - only the SN stickers on the side. The cashier couldn’t figure out how to process it, so she took $20 off the Zwave dimmer I bought for the promo coupon and told me they wouldn’t charge for the hub since it wasn’t scanning in the system. Just luck of the draw.

Anyone able to pick one of these up to start looking at it? This would be a huge addition to ST if someone could get it working.

Read the thread. People have been working on it. So far it can join with ZLL bulbs and turn them on and off, but there’s no coordination with smartthings, so you don’t get big switch functionality, and the tiles in the mobile app get out of sync.

I have been actively following this thread and there has not been any definitive answer. It’s been reported that the remote can connect directly to the bulb and it will report it’s state just fine but the effort to get it connected directly to the hub seems not to have been fully explored. Initially, according to @mitchp connecting it to the hub hadn’t shown any results because it wasn’t getting any commands from the remote but he had hoped to try and use a rooted wink hub to sniff out how it was communicating. I was simply wondering if someone else had taken that line of inquiry to it’s conclusion to see if it could work or not.

Excuse me if I phrase things incorrectly or say some things that don’t make sense in relation to the Smartthings platform, I still haven’t even gotten my first Smartthings hub and am trying to plan my switch-over from Staples Connect so that I don’t have to replace half of my setup.

I’m waiting for Wink to roll out official support for this before I go digging around with their hub. As of now, we just have basic functionality, but if your bulbs report back on state change as the GE Links have been, then at least they don’t get out of sync. Still hoping to be able to get button controller functionality out of it, but all attempts so far have been fruitless.

@mitchp can this remote be wall-mounted, but taken in and out of the wall mounting easily? The description for the Hue version talks about that feature. It magnetically connects to wall mount.

I believe it uses the same mounts and stands as the Pico remotes. There is a wall mount, but I don’t know if it slides out easily. I haven’t decided where they’re going, so I haven’t looked at mounting yet.

It seems to be the same form factor as the Pico remotes.

They are now readily available at Home Depot Canada for $30. Great deal too! If we can get then to work with ST, they will be all over the house.


They are easily mounted to the wall but you need to take off the face plate in order to remove the remote from the mounting bracket. It is definitely not meant to be removed easily, but I’m sure you can easily make a mounting bracket on Shapeways or something to make it easier to remove.

I have pico remotes wall mounted and they look great, so if they are similar it just requires a little mount

Thanks everyone! I think I’m going to wait for the Hue version (due in stores this month) because for $10 more it also comes with a Hue Lux bulb and has the magnetic wall mount.

Might pick one of these up anyway for the basement though.

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Any progress on getting these to work now that they are fully in the wild?

In response to my question about official support:

No timeline given, but good to see that it’s on their radar! I’ll still try a few things once Wink updates their hub with support to see if I can get it working like a Minimote if they haven’t added official support by then.


Wink update today. Will try after lunch and report.

Update: This thing is sweet! The setup process is intuitive, and there are several options the Wink app walks you through. Hue bulbs don’t work directly with the remote, so the app allows you the choice of using the remote as a dimmer for other connected bulbs or as a four button smart control. You tie those buttons to Wink shortcuts, and you’re off to the races.

So far every press does precisely what I’ve set, but I will report back after some time.

Edit: Forgot to add that the app mentions a full reset of the remote is accomplished by pressing the top and bottom buttons together for 15+ seconds. I didn’t find this on Lutron’s site. It also says the remote expands your Zigbee mesh. Hadn’t even thought about that.

Edit2: I’ve confirmed you may include devices other than lights in your button assignment. I had assumed so but only just tested it. In this case I have my Nest set to a specific temp and my hues with a scene all on one of the four buttons.

That is promising news. If I have time tonight I’ll update my hub and try to see how it’s configuring the remote.

This I doubt, since that would drain the batteries really quickly. Didn’t see any mention of it in Lutron’s documentation. The reset procedure is on their site, though it’s not in an obvious place last I checked.

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Ya know, I thought the same about it extending the network, but I have found that ST keeps adding a new device called “thing” since I bought the Lutron. I keep removing it, and it keeps coming back. Strange.

I’ve poked around a bit and it seems like the Wink hub reports to the remote that it accepts commands for on/off and level control. It doesn’t seem to be doing any kind of special configuration (that I was able to see). So to the remote, the hub appears to be a dimmer. I’m guessing that getting this working like Wink will require some adjustments to the firmware. (What does the ST hub report back to devices regarding supported clusters?)

Also of interest: the hub receives a level control command for each button press but also a command when releasing the up and down buttons. So we should be able to get the equivalent of 6 buttons (short and long press on the middle two) out of this!

Sounds great. I picked up another this morning along with some Cree bulbs. I’m going to use these straight Zigbee. Also got the Clara wall mounts.