Lutron Connected Bulb Remote

That’s kind of funny. There’s absolutely no Wink branding on the packaging anywhere and it’s not stocked on the Wink endcap. They really shouldn’t care as this appears to be an entirely standalone product.

Anyway, I have gotten it to pair to the ST hub and it will act as a secondary controller for connected bulbs (I’d imagine Zigbee switches, too), but ST does not see the change in state (at least with GE Link bulbs). It’s clearly grouping the bulbs as they all respond instantly with no lag. So for now, it works great as a backup switch (would work during a ST outage) or a sort of scene controller, but don’t hold your breath on using it as a generic button controller for now. :frowning:

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What steps did you use to define which bulbs it controlled?

It may need to be paired to the hub first. I don’t recall if I did that first or tried the bulbs right out of the box. I can post a basic “stub” device type, but it should be fine even paired as a “Thing” since I’m assuming it just needs the network key, etc. that would be provided on join.

Pairing to the hub needs to be done on a factory reset remote (hold On and Off until remote stops flashing ~30 sec) using the same method as a bulb: hold On while ST is in discovery mode.

You hold the “On” button while holding the remote near the bulb (4" or so). The bulb will identify by flashing and if that’s the bulb you want, just keep holding the button until the remote stops blinking. If it grabbed the wrong one, let go of the On button right away and try the process again. It’ll pair/bind to up to 30 devices.

OK, that sounds like you directly bound the bulbs to the remote. In that case there’s no way for the hub to know what the status is.

What we would be looking for is something like what’s been done for the smartenIT 3 toggle device. It’s also a zigbee device, but instead of binding it directly to anything, we add it as a button controller. That way each button press is treated something like a contact sensor. That information goes to the hub, and we have a software set up so that when the hub detects the button being pressed, then the hub sends the instruction out to the desired device. This is how the minimote also works even though it’s a Zwave device.

That way the status gets updated because it’s actually the hub that is sending the instruction.

Yeah, in this setup that’s what’s happening. I did try configuring this similar to the SmartenIT remote, but ST doesn’t seem to get the button presses. I’ll try playing around with it a bit more, but it seems like a dead end as far as that’s concerned.

@kevintierney went through a similar process for the Zigbee securifi key fob with the help of @Sticks18 and @JohnR . There’s a good discussion of it here:

The packaging says wink hub required but that seems to be only for the ge link bulbs but doesn’t matter I wanted it so I could use it as a simple off switch to kill all my lights before bed and this works perfectly for that vs grabbing a phone or tapping a wall switch

For a nightstand switch, I like the SmartenIT 3 toggle. Battery operated, so you can use it on a table or wall mount. Each of the 3 buttons toggles, and it set up as a button controller, so you can use it to control both Zwave and Zigbee devices, and to change modes or tun Hello Home Actions. It’s $50 instead of $30, but you are getting the functional equivalent of three switches for that.

And of course now I use the Amazon echo for everything.

There are some other options as well,. The Aeon many Minimote with four buttons is very popular. Securifi zigbee fob is tiny but has three buttons that again can be used for multiple purposes and protocols, and that one only cost $15. These and other options are discussed in the following topic:

So I guess the important question is will you be able to figure out a way to add this new Connected Bulb Remote in a way that allows you to bind different events for each button push. If so I think this will be the most appealing wall-mountable switch out there.

I wouldn’t use binding at all, that’s specific to zigbee devices, and would really limit what you can do with it.

Instead, ideally, I would want to set it up as a “button controller” like we do for the smartenIT three toggle or the Aeon Minimote.

In a button controller, each button press is reported to the hub, and associated with pretty much whatever you want, including a mode change, or a hello home action, or A smart app. So you can have multiple events happen from one button press, and they can include devices of any protocol that smartthings supports. And to help always knows the status, because the hub is the one actually sending out the action request.

But to do that, for someone has to figure out how the button presses are reported so we can capture them. I don’t know if it will be possible, but like I said, ideally that’s the direction I would like to see it go. Because it is a really nice form factor.

I may stop at home depot and see if I can pick one up. This one is a little more advanced than the key fob I worked with in the past. In addition has some manufacturer specific clusters. I suspect we should at least be able to get some basic functionality out of this, but some of these (scenes/groups) aren’t supported currently by ST as far as I know

Here’s what I do know from the raw description above

FF00 and FC44 are manufacturer specific and I’m not sure yet what they do.

rawDescription desc: 01 C05E 0820 02 04 0000 1000 FF00 FC44 08 1000 0003 0006 0008 0004 0005 0000 FF00

End Point 01
Profile C05E - ZLL
Dev TYpe 0820 - Non Color Controller
Ver 02

4 In Clusters
0000 - Basic
1000 - ZLL Commissioning

8 Out clusters
1000 - ZLL Commissioning
0003 - Identify
0006 - On/off
0008 - Level Control
0004 - Groups
0005 - Scenes
0000 - Basic
FF00 -

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I haven’t been able to get any kind of output from this aside from attempts at reading some attributes and blindly poking at 0xFF00 and 0xFC44 (which yielded nothing but a “command succeeded” response and a lot of “unsupported cluster command/attribute”). Sending a “zcl global discover …” doesn’t return anything useful from the mfg. specific clusters. I set up binding similar to the SmartenIT, but with just endpoint 1.

It seems to me that it sees the ST hub as another controller and doesn’t bother sending on/off or level commands to it since it’s clearly not a light. It will be interesting to see how Wink integrates this; if it’s able to get responses then we should be able to as well. If I had some dev hardware or a sniffer I might be in a better position to figure this out. If I find a lot of extra time, I might try poking around with the rooted Wink hub and see if I can get anything back using the Ember CLI.

Side question: does anyone know if the ST hub will pass all received messages back to us or is it silently dropping messages that it doesn’t explicitly support? I assume that anything that it doesn’t recognize gets passed as a “catchall”, but I don’t know for sure.

Also: If there’s anyone that wants to take a serious stab at this, but can’t get the hardware… I did buy a couple and I’m willing to mail one of mine out or pick up extras from HD (although I guess it’ll be generally available after the 1st)


I went ahead and snagged one of these today betting the community breaks it open rather quickly. If not, the Wink hub is only $20.

Went to my local HD. Not on the shelves yet and they spent 10 minutes looking for them but couldn’t find them. Will check back in a few

Any luck with this integration yet? I’m very interested to see if someone can get it working.

Not as of yet. Working as a secondary controller, but not a generic button controller. My GE Links are reporting their status immediately, so device state isn’t getting out of sync as I had worried. Still, not useful for anything other than Zigbee lights at the moment :-/

All of my lights are connected through the Hue bridge.

Was in Home Depot tonight and the LED lighting isle is looking pretty exciting for Canadians. They are carrying the chandelier Cree TW series bulbs now, FEIT LED Bulbs, this remote among many other things. They seemed to have cleared out all of the Cree standard bulbs so I think Canada is about to get the TW series as well!

I am really hoping someone figures out how to integrate this remote into ST soon! It is exactly what I need and at $30 its a great deal!

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Which Home Depot did you visit? Do they actually carry this remote?

I was at the Home Depot in Westmount. They had a few of them still in stock tonight, right on the LED aisle when you walk in the store.