Lutron Connected Bulb Remote HD $7.53

Thanks! I got a couple of these. :slight_smile:

I need help pairing this remote to SmartThings.
Can somebody point me to the instructions for simply doing that?

I started off by pressing the top button for a few seconds while I had my SmartThigns system in pairing mode (as suggested here on the forum somewhere), but instead of pairing with SmartThings, it somehow paired with one of my GE Link bulbs (which is definitely NOT what I want).

How can I fix this? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up on these… I called the Home Depot on-line ordering department and they matched the in-store price of $7.53 - picked up 2 of them. My total order was over $45 so I got free shipping.


I have several of these remotes but have been unsuccessful getting them to actually work with ST. I can get them to pair but beyond that they don’t server any purpose. The only way I was able to get the to do anything is just to pair them directly to the bulbs, which causes issues with ST controlling the bulbs so not perfect.

Would you please share with me the process you used to pair it with SmartThings?
I am fairly certain that, once paired with SmartThings, I’ll know how to make it work.

Same as pairing with the bulbs, set ST to include and have remote near ST hub and hold down the top button. If unsuccessful you may need to reset the remote which is done by holding down the top and bottom buttons at the same time for approximately 15 seconds, a rapid blinking LED will indicate that the reset went through.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try.
So, will doing the reset as you described also un-pair it from the bulb that it paired with, or is there something else I need to do for that?

Also, I guess it might make sense to have any bulbs that it ‘could’ pair with directly turned off at the time I try to pair one of these to SmartThings, eh?

OK, I installed the ‘Alpha’ Device Handler by @workmonk but it didn’t do anything.
Then, I tried one by @Sticks18 but it didn’t work either.

In the SmartThings Mobile App, both of these just show up as something that looks like a TV remote, but when I click the buttons on the actual Lutron remote, nothing happens in the app.
i.e. nothing happens visually, and when I go to ‘Recently’, there’s nothing listed.

How do I get this thing connected (to SmartThigns) in a way that I can actually use it for automations, etc?

Any help would be appreciated.

Unfortunately you can’t use this remote to control other automations. This remote can only directly control other ZigBee Light Link devices (specifically dimmable bulbs using the ZLL profile like GE Link, Hue, etc…). Connecting it to ST is important, so it doesn’t “steal” the bulbs you want to control onto its own ZigBee network; and can work as a secondary controller. The only added functionality is a convoluted way of adding non-ZLL bulbs (like US versions of Osram Lightify) to the remote’s direct control.

This remote only sends out broadcast messages using a groupID, which the ST hub doesn’t listen for and/or expose to the user.


OK…but…how do I get it to do anything? lol I know I’m an idiot.
It’s been paired with SmartThings.

I tried both the original workmonk DH, as well as one from you, but that was when I was thinking I was going to be able to see it and use it in automations (like with CoRE, etc).

Which one should I use for the basic experience?

Also, where are the instructions for (once paired to SmartThings; which it is) getting it to control a light (I have both GE Links and Hues)?

The DTH won’t matter. Neither one will do anything other than identify the remote in ST.

To use it with your GE Links/Hues (only Hue bulbs directly paired to ST will work. If you have a Hue hub, don’t do this. The remote will steal the bulb off your Hue network), you will now pair the remote to the bulb(s) you want to control following the remote’s instructions. (I think it’s hold the top button very close to the bulb. It will start blinking, continue to hold for 3-5 more seconds.)

The remote can then be used to control the bulbs as well as ST. Hues don’t report their status well, but the GE Link you can watch it update in the app and will stay in sync.

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OK…wow…first-off, thank you for taking the time to help me out here…and I’m sorry for being so dense lol

Now, I know you (or somebody else) probably already said this, but…

[when I say ‘bulb’ below, I mean either my Hue or GE Link bulbs; which are already paired, directly, with my SmartThings system]

If, once the remote is paired with SmartThings, all I’m going to be able to do with the remote is connect it to the bulbs directly and use it to control them (which I could already do with the remote NOT paired to SmartThigns), why would I (or should I) pair it with SmartThings?

Again, I know it’s been said, but for some reason, I’m just not getting it. :slight_smile:

One more question…
Is this remote going to be limited to controlling a single bulb, no matter what I do, or is there a way of using it to control a group of bulbs?

Reason why you have to pair the remote to SmartThings first is that otherwise when you pair the bulbs to the remote they will be stolen away from SmartThings and will no longer work with SmartThings. So if you want an individual bulb to work with both smartthings and the remote, You have to first pair the remote to SmartThings so everybody’s on the same network even though the remote isn’t talking to the hub after the initial pairing.

As far as groups, the remote can be paired to multiple bulbs. See the manual.

Control up to 30 compatible connected LED bulbs with a single remote


Thanks! :slight_smile:

It finally clicked somewhere in my head lol

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Found a bunch of these in stock at Home Depot for only $20, so I decided to pick one up. It rang up for a penny at self checkout and the cashier was quick to quiz me on what the item was, where I got it, what its price tag said, etc. She then said that all of these should have been pulled from the shelves and that she’d let me keep the one that I rang up but that they would remove the rest from the shelves. I also noticed that the HD website states that these are no longer sold in stores at all.

So, if you see these remotes on a shelf at a local HD, try bringing a few to self checkout and price check one of them, you may hit the jackpot.

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Maybe self checkout will let them pass?

Anyone know where you can still get these at a reasonable price now that they are discontinued? They are going for $100+ on eBay!!

Or another Zigbee remote that can be mounted in a gang box?

This Sylvania dimming switch doesn’t look like a regular light switch, but it fits in a one gang space:


Also, the new Third Reality Zero Switch:

Haha, yeah, I am using the Sylvania one right now. Was hoping for something cleaner.

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I understand. I really liked the LCBR also, I’m sorry it was discontinued.

BTW, They aren’t out yet, but there is a new line of zigbee 3.0 switches due out by the end of the year. They work in a fashion similar to the Philips tap, and will not require batteries. Because they don’t need batteries, they look just like a regular switch.