Lutron caseta in wall ceiling fan speed control switch how do I add it to smartthings? It see all the other but this

lutron caseta in wall ceiling fan speed control switch how do I add it to smartthings? It see all the other but this device

It is not yet supported by the ST to Caseta Integration.

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Ok thanks. Works great with google assistant and echo dot…I Would like to use it with smarthings app

Has Lutron or SmartThings updated this integration as yet?

not yet…

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Any updates yet?

Nothing yet. :disappointed_relieved:

The original integration was created by smartthings. But with the new platform, device manufacturers are supposed to create the integrations and keep them updated.

If you ask Lutron support about the fan switch, they will say it’s up to smartthings.

If you ask smartthings support, they will say it’s up to Lutron.

There doesn’t appear to be anybody working on it right now.

It should certainly be possible, because Hubitat added support for It over a year ago, it just looks like nobody is working on the smartthings integration. :thinking:


Thanks for the info…

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I think you are correct and this is BS. Samsung should get on it. They are the ones wanting us to buy into the ecosystem. Lutron provided control, they don’t need to manage other companies apps. Add in the junky support for Nest devices…

It would be annoying to replace, but seems like I should stop buying Samsung motion detectors, door sensors, and such as they aren’t going to keep up with being the backbone ecosystem and I can just focus on devices that work directly with Google Home.

Samsung is duplicating everything in Google Home due to Lutron being synced with both making it messy. It seems Smartthings doesn’t import devices from Google Home, so I can’t just remove the Lutron connection in Smartthings. So it would be nice if Smartthings would sync with Lutron and then report to Google Home as it does, but since the fans would then be missing and I wouldnt have voice control of the fans in the house.

Just get it done Samsung. You’re like the ONLY ecosystem not on board.


It looks like it might be time to switch to Hubitat! I have two Smartthings 2018 hubs in two different homes, but it looks like no one at Samsung is interested in keeping their ecosystem updated. It is not like Lutron is an insignificant minor player! Get it done Samsung you have had plenty of time! You are losing customers and market share!

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Any update on this? Just installed a Lutron Fan smart switch and would like to be to control it without having to open my separate Lutron app or the Alexa app.

At least the SmartThings Team now acknowledges that the ball is in their court! To show that there’s demand/to force their hand in prioritizing this integration, everyone who reads this thread should log an issue ticket with SmartThings asking for the integration.


How do I add my name to that hat?

Just got a bunch of switches as a housewarming gift, and was dissapoints to find out the Lutron fan switches seem to be the only Lutron device smartthings won’t control.

How does one go about logging a ticket?

at the bottom of tHat page, select email to contact them

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Since the issue (feature limitation) is on the SmartThings side of the fence, you may also want to log an issue with them directly.

Fwiw- you can log tickets in the ST app via the Help> Report a Problem menu.

Since last year when smartthings published their API, device integrations are now the responsibility of the device manufacturer. Smartthings is no longer doing them.

The problem with this one is that when it was first created it was under a different program where device manufacturers could send their physical Device to smartthings and smartthings would create an integration. But that option is no longer available.

So now this integration and a couple of other legacy integrations are in limbo. Smartthings says it’s up to Lutron, Lutron says it’s up to smartthings, no one appears to be working on it. :disappointed_relieved:

It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask either or both companies to upgrade the integration, as it will demonstrate demand.

Arlo is a good example. The legacy Integration was in the same kind of limbo for about a year, but then Arlo did decide to commit some resources to it and smartthings helped out and they did eventually release a new integration to work with the current V3 app.

So we can hope, and again asking doesn’t hurt, but don’t be surprised if each company says it’s up to the other one.


This is the response I got today… Take it with a grain of salt.


We just wanted to update you that our engineering team has gotten back to us and let us know they have actively been working on this issue. To give you more insight, we just released an outdoor plug that currently has no support but will very soon. The reason I bring this up is because when that update rolls out for the integration of that device, the fan should also follow shortly after that. We do know that there will be some testing as well to make sure it’s working properly. If you are able to wait about a month longer, we should hopefully see that rollout complete.

We understand if you are tired or frustrated about waiting and no longer want to use our switches. We do take the feedback we get and always forward that information to engineering so that we can keep up with newer integrations which we normally do. In this case it has taken some time but again just wanted to give you that update.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to respond to this email. For immediate assistance, please contact our 24/7 Technical Support Team @ 1-888-Lutron1 (588-7661) and refer to the case number in the subject line of this email.


Not sure if any of you noticed, but lutron fan control now works via the lutron web button.

You won’t get fan status immediately (you have to click on the button for it to update/report it’s status), and the icon is that dumb 2 circles, 2 squares thing, but it does work.

To add the fan;
Add device->searchLutron-> you’ll note simply “Lutron” is available. You can add a fan from there if you’re signed in to lutron services.

I do have a Bridge Pro. Not sure if that makes a difference.