Lutron Caseta Fan Control Switch (March 2019) - now available

Is any news out there regarding ST integration. I contacted Lutron Customer Services and they ask me for a file generated by the Lutron app, however I did this prior reading this thread. Is any good news?

I had prior the Lutron, a Chinise in wall/light controller but after a month or so started a humming to a point that was really annoying so I decided to go full Lutron. However I need them inside Smartthing to add them to some webCore pistons.

I have not heard anything since my last post. They still do not appear in “Works with SmartThings,” I returned most of my Lutron Fan Controllers, but I kept one that I didn’t want to automate roghts away so that I could continue to test… No Luck so far.

I guess I’ll return my 5 fan controllers since they are not supported. SUX

Yes, it is pretty sad that over a year later, there is still no native support for the Caseta Fan controllers from Samsung/Lutron.


Pretty bummed about this. I literally just installed all new Caseta Fan switches, on/off switches, Dimmers and Lico remotes across the whole house to find out my fans can’t be integrated into ST. Went from 100 to 0, real quick.

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The fan switches do work with HomeKit, so you can create some integrations via HomeBridge if that’s of any help.


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You could use a Hubitat Elevation Hub + Lutron Caseta SmartBridge PRO to bring the Fan Controllers (and possibly Pico remotes) into the SmartThings ecosystem. Both of these are natively supported in Hubitat, along with most of the Lutron product line. You could then use a Hubitat Community developed integration called HubConnect to link SmartThings and Hubitat together. Thus, you’d have the best of both worlds.


There’s Google Home integrations with Caseta and ST. Wonde if it will work if I make the connection through Google Home to ST instead of through ST to Google Home…

That won’t work. It’s one way, ST devices -> Google Home.

One could possibly use Google Assistant Relay to allow ST to issue commands to Google Home attached devices.

Similarly, one could use ST virtual contact sensors to trigger Alexa Routines to control Alexa attached devices.

Very sad that this is not done yet, like all big company they moving the ball from one yard to the other and nothing happen. I’m sure this is only over technicalities. I came back to see test a couple things on my old hub and find out that I can’t do the testing because the fan switch is not supported on ST. I begin on Hubitat for while now and I start using the switch the day I buy it. SERIOUSLY come to hubitat I won’t lie tramitan is not a light switch but I’m very satisfied with the migration to hubitat, as a note for lutron devices to work in hubitat you will need a Lutron pro hub communication hubitat-lutron is done locally only the pro hub will support this. Life is better on this side Inpromise, if you find a problem support is great, community even better.

I don’t work for hubitat nor hubitat ever give me anything for free, this is just my personal experience.

I got this response from Lutron today…


We just wanted to update you that our engineering team has gotten back to us and let us know they have actively been working on this issue. To give you more insight, we just released an outdoor plug that currently has no support but will very soon. The reason I bring this up is because when that update rolls out for the integration of that device, the fan should also follow shortly after that. We do know that there will be some testing as well to make sure it’s working properly. If you are able to wait about a month longer, we should hopefully see that rollout complete.

We understand if you are tired or frustrated about waiting and no longer want to use our switches. We do take the feedback we get and always forward that information to engineering so that we can keep up with newer integrations which we normally do. In this case it has taken some time but again just wanted to give you that update.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to respond to this email. For immediate assistance, please contact our 24/7 Technical Support Team @ 1-888-Lutron1 (588-7661) and refer to the case number in the subject line of this email.


Could it be we have caseta fan control now

Is this a question, or a statement? That really got my hopes up, but when I check my Linked Services, it still isn’t showing my fans. Are yours showing as available to add to SmartThings?

You need to go to add devices > lutron and select the lutron wifi devices under switches/dimmers and login with your account.

Note: you may get some duplicated Caseta devices if you are also linked to lutron caseta. You will also end up with two linked accounts.

I am about to remove the lutron caseta linked account after editing all my automations to point to the new devices.

iDE will list the lutron devices as placeholders and the lutron caseta are listed as lutron caseta.

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Ah, that’s the trick! Cheers!

Renaming and organizing everything and setting up automations again is going to be a PITA though :man_facepalming:

You can wait for the automatic migration to the new integration if you want.

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ugh, really wish I hadn’t jumped the gun on that now.

Did I miss it, or are Lutron Caseta Fan controls now FINALLY integrated into the new Smartthings app?

Fan control was added earlier this summer

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