C by GE and Lutron Fan Speed Control Switch

How do you add device made by C by GE and Lutron Fan Speed Control Switch.
C by GE uses WiFi authentication. Smartthings works with ZWave Zigbee made by GE but not this ?
Lutron’s same Wireless Light Switch works with Smartthings but they re not allowing Fan Switch (PD-FSQN-WH ) to work with it. Weird ??
I have been asking Smartthings support to help but those Indian customer service emails just keep ignoring my problem.

Thank you


C by GE does not work with smartthings at the present time. It uses a different radio.

The Lutron Caseta fan switch can be added with the newest smartthings/Lutron integration. I’ll leave it to others to explain the details since I can’t really use the app at this time. :disappointed_relieved:

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C by GE works with GOOGLE HOME and ALEXA. You don’t even need Smartthings hub.
I quit using Smartthings hub a loooong time ago because they always ignored customers.
There are other options which are more reliable than Smartthings.


Cync by GE wired switches are WiFi connected, and uses Bluetooth radio to pair with other wirefree remotes. You have to use their app ‘cync’ on Android and it s fairly easy to pair with Google.
I also use a few Switches by C by GE and use them only with Google Home.
Google Home is compatible with almost 500 brands. I still have Smartthings hub connected to my home automation but most of my devices are Google friendly.

LUTRON is very popular home automation brand. I thought they already integrated Lutron Fan Speed Control switch. It s a shame if they still have not.


Lutron recently integrated the Caseta fan speed control with SmartThings, just check to make sure that you are using the newest version of the smartthings/Lutron official Integration. :sunglasses:

Didn’t you read the original post carefully. There s a MODEL No. for the Lutron Fan Speed Control in the post.
Smartthings hasnt integrated LUTRON FAN SPEED CONTROL yet but they have integrated LUTRON Light Switch which uses the same Lutron hub. Smartthings is just ignorant. That’s all.

I checked the edits and since I made my post, the OP has gone back and edited the first post in this thread to add the model number, PD-FSQN-WH. So it wasn’t there when I first wrote, but it is there now, which is a good thing.

And more good news: it is still true that the Caseta fan control switch, which is indeed that model number, was very recently added to the smartthings integration. You have to be using the newest version of the integration, but it is there now. :sunglasses: