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How to Connect Two Lutron SmartBridges to SmartThings?


(Ted Murphy) #1

I recently passed the 50 device limit on my Lutron smart hub, so I bought another hub. I now have some lights and shades on one and some on the other and planned to use SmartThings to bring it all together. I have seen that other apps (homesense is one of them) support multiple Lutron hubs, but I can’t seem to figure out a way to do it with the SmartThings app. Any ideas on how to make this work?


At the present time the official integration only supports one Lutron SmartBridge per SmartThings account. :disappointed_relieved: Make sure you send your question into support so they can confirm it and also they get an idea of how many people would like to see that feature.

There is a way around that which is to set up a second SmartBridge using the unofficial integration method, but that will require having an additional device like a raspberry pi acting as a "man in the middle " and is much more technically complex. So the option exists, but it may not be what you’re looking for.

(Rajeev Goel) #3

This is frustrating. I have the same problem. Because I exceed the 50-device limit on Lutron, I had to buy a second Lutron Smart Bridge Pro. But now I can’t add those devices into SmartThings.

(Steven E. Summers) #4

I should have paid attention but I assumed the 50 devices meant actual power devices, not Picos, and I ran out after 35 switches and dimmers instead of 50. I need about 8 more to finish my whole house, but I also need to add several more Picos too.

What could lutron be thinking with this limitation? I’ve spent close to $4k on their products, but tough $hit, put it on eBay and spend $10k more?

If I have to do that, not one cent of it will be spent on lutron stuff, ever again. I suspect my attitude will be prevalent among the people they LEAST want to annoy, because we’re the ones who provide advice to dozens of friends and family members.

I’m hoping instead to find a way to use two hubs. I’ve just started my search, so I’ll get back to this board once I have more educated questions to ask.


The one bridge limitation is on the SmartThings side, not Lutron’s. You can have multiple SmartBridge Pros with Hubitat, Homeseer, Apple’s HomeKit, SimpleControl (formerly Roomie Remote), and several others. I’m not sure if Harmony supports more than one Lutron SmartBridge or not, but it may. You’d have to ask in the Harmony forums.

Of these, Hubitat would probably be the easiest to integrate with SmartThings unless Harmony works. There are a number of community members doing that, although it’s usually to take advantage of hubitat’s local operations.

Hubitat Elevation Hub - Home Automation that is local

Definitely write to support at SmartThings and tell them you would like to connect multiple Lutron SmartBridges so they know there is customer demand.

(Steven E. Summers) #6

The 50 device limit is lutron’s though. I suspect they could bump that to 100 or more by tweaking a constant in the source code. But I’ve had enough of the erratic performance and occasional long delays of the cloud based smartthings stuff. Hubitat is looking pretty good so far.


It’s actually more likely to do with groupcasting and addressing. That’s a really common limit for lighting devices. The Phillips hue bridge has a limit about the same. When every byte counts, it’s very common to have a hard device limit of 63, and to set a practical limit of 50.