Lowes website

Please share with me

email me . jayantnit216@gmail.com

looks like lowes script stopped working and returns $nan in price column, anyone has a working script?

lowes script is dead

Does anyone have an updates script for Tampermonkey? Lowes? When I run my search, it goes blank.

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Waiting for an updated version… missing the script. Does anyone have a script that is working?

Just checking in…
Does anyone have a working script?

Hi. I took some considerable time to tinker around with this tool. It seems that Lowes changed the site to specifically break this script. I’ve updated the tool and it is currently working, I couldn’t update it to restore the price check button, but it does check prices via the tool dialog. Maybe if I had more time I could keep working on it. Currently I don’t have much free time on my hands and just making it work took more time than I expected. Here’s the github link: https://github.com/JamoDevOne/LowesPriceChecker2020


Couldn’t get it to work. Does everything except pull up prices for me

Are you adding all the stores in the store tab?

Someone at garagejournal pointed out this thread existed. I have updated the script for the new Lowes layout

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Installed easily - long time user - will test out later will not forget to donate valuable tool

Much thanks

yes. I left the page open for 20+ minutes no luck

reloaded tampermonkey and the script and its working now
Thanks for the fix

Hey its not working any update?

After a few reports of the script breaking, I updated the script today with slower search options. If you are not getting results from every store, try lowering the speed.

Added ‘Check For Updates’ Button.

Also, I have fully switched to Hubitat, so I can’t promise I will be back to update this thread in the future. Please open an issue on Github if you have any future issues with the script. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update but I get no results at all .
I am using a vpn just in case please help