Lowes Iris Smart Plugs $23.30 until 12/5

Thanks for posting this.

Isn’t this a better deal since it includes the normal outlet in addition to the zwave plus outlet?

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The Iris is a power reporting ZigBee outlet ( Using ST Smartpower DTH) and a Z-Wave repeater. So you get 2 devices in one.
You don’t really gain an outlet with the MonoPrice, since it is so big it covers both outlets. Or in my case with outlets along the baseboard is so big the non switch outlet is tight on the floorboard and inaccessible.

I see… Thanks for clarifying.

Don’t forget to get an extra discount with codes from this site:

Ok… I got two of these, but my Smartthings hub doesn’t seem to be able to discover them. Can someone tell me how to add them to my network?

Check this thread on some detailed information:

Cool! One paired and ready to go already… Thanks!

Just remember it needs to be included twice, as per the instructions in the thread above. Once as ZigBee outlet and once as generic z-wave device. If you want to take advantage of the Z-wave repeater function.
once included you can ignore the on/off button in the app for the Z-wave repeater. ( well unless you have some reason to turn off z-wave )

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The z-wave “on” always turns back on when I turn it off, I don’t think it actually does anything. Also I’ve had to remove about half of my z-wave repeaters in these due to them constantly breaking the z-wave mesh. And I’m not sure if we still have any actual proof they work…But as long as they don’t break things, keep it on I guess.

Using the script, I found a location that has them (with free parcel shipping) for $13.XX. With $15 off $50 they were $10.79 each and were delivered to me in 2 days.


Yep! Bought one yesterday working great including the repeater.

Just got 4 at 13.98 each, couldn’t get any coupon codes to work, but that’s still really cheap to me! Hope they ship…

I had a similar experience with one of mine. Zwave repair constantly had an issue with the zwave side of the outlet. I finally decided to just remove it. The zigbee outlet has been working reliably for some time.

I have three all working including the repeater, you might have gotten a bad one.

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I had a couple that kept failing during ZW repair. I took them down next to the hub, did ZW replace. Put them back where they belonged, did ZW repair and they have not dropped off since. My assumption is that they just did not get fully included properly initially. Not like we can actually map the mesh to see if they are working or not. My bedside minimotes definitely respond faster with these in the bedroom though.

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Thanks for the heads up! Used the script and got them for 13 bucks!

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What store are you using?

I ran the script and didn’t get any hits not $23.20

Carlsbad, CA and Hannibal, MO both listed them last night, ordered mine from the second, just got a ship notification. Didn’t want to say where until I got that. :wink:

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What script are you speaking of? For some reason the discount code website that was posted hasn’t been working for a few days. I needed to get some more he switches and wanted to use the coupon code with it.