Lowes iris 2nd generation smart plug

I currently use the iris plug with the customized dth that makes it a zwave & zigbee repeater. If I’m correct, this is a zigbee repeater by itself without the dth? I’m asking because I’m thinking of removing the handler so it works in both apps & buying the samsung plug if it goes on sale. I read that the samsung plug is also a zigbee repeater.

Correct. I have several using the stock dth (SmartPower Outlet). You may have to perform a rejoin (without removing the device from ST) to ensure power reporting sets up correctly.

What do you mean by power reporting?

Do all smart plugs report the power usage. I’m wondering if I buy a few plugs & use them.on some of my devices & I can see how much its coating me. Only other question i have is can I plug this into a surge protector for my pc? I use that as a server for media.

The device reports watts and kWh:

No, so check specs before buying if you want that capability.

Sort of. You can use a SmartApp to log readings to Google sheets, and then do some math to calculate costs, OR write your own DTH to build that in. I’ve done that for my whole house power monitor. Here’a a great SmartApp for logging data:

Yup, and/or buy a smart power strip with built in smart devices.

While I don’t have a power strip, I use smart plugs on all my A/V equipment in our media room.