Lighting Switch for multiple lights

I am new to Smartthings but starting to add more and more ZWave devices. I want to automate my outside lights. I have around 8 under eve lights that come on with the switch. I bought a GE light switch to run the lights - ) . The switch itself works good (other than figuring out how to terminate the Neutral wire) but the problem is that the switch when the lights are on get REALLY HOT. I called GE and we think its due to have so many lights on one switch since that switch is only rated at 150W. I’m going to have to remove the ZWave light switch and put the original one in so I don’t burn down my house but does anyone have any other suggestion how to automate the outside lights? GE says all their ZWave switches are rated at 150W. Dry Contact?

you could go with an in wall relay. Me I would think about replacing the bulbs with LED. They are brighter and use about 18% of the power so if you have 8 75 watt now that is 600 watts. With LED you would be about 112 watts

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this relay supports up to 10Amps of current

and actually they say it supports up to 900watts on their website

This is the switch I bought -

Max Load - 150W Dimmable CFL/LED

They are a special size flood light and really hard to get to so replacing them is not ideal.
I will check out the relay switch


go to Lowes pick up a GE switch and it will handle it.

I’ll check it out.