"Low Profile" AC outlet for shallow siding box? (Depth issue)

Hi there,

I wanted to replace a couple of outlets in my balcony with smart ones to control Christmas lights. When I went to do so, found out that the outlet box was too shallow and the GE Smart Outlet (about twice as deep as a standard duplex) does not fit and I can’t close the cover.

The question for the community is if you know of a SmartThings compatible AC outlet with a “Low Profile” that might fit inside the box?

I figured there are a couple of alternative ways to go, one would be to use a box “extender”, but they don’t make one for my existing Siding Mounting Box - might need to adapt one.

Another option is to get a “Surface Mounted” type box on top of the existing box and mount the outlet there, but will not look as nice.


PS: Existing Box

Would something like this work for your application?

Yes, it would allow me to control the lights, but I’m not looking for that (I already have a WeMo that I’m using temporarily for that purpose).

I’m looking for a permanent in-wall solution.

Network switches do have to have room for the radio in the box, but there is variation from one model to another as far as the depth.

What’s the exact depth measurement on your box?

Another option might be to use an in wall micro and place it in a different place on the circuit. I mention that in particular because in many US jurisdictions now it is required that new outdoor outlets be GFCI. There are no GFCI Z wave outlets because a zwave outlet has to always have power so that it can hear the next “on” command from the network while a GFCI outlet has to be able to cut power completely. Many people solve this problem by putting a GFCI outlet at the location and then using the micro in the wall further upstream or even at an interior wall switch that controls that outlet.

However, since yours is a fully enclosed outlet due to the sliding cover , your jurisdiction might not require the GFCI feature. You’d just have to check.

Also, what’s the typical operating temperature range for the outdoor outlet?

I think your main problem is there aren’t any WR rated z-wave outlets. You pretty much have to use the GE outdoor dongle to stay within code.

I would need to measure it when I get home, but the depth is probably about an inch or so.

The existing outdoor outlets on the circuit are not GFCI, but the chain includes a basement bathroom outlet, which is GFCI. I found this out one time when the balcony (or perhaps more accurately a covered wrap-around porch) outlets were not working and the breaker was fine, eventually found the GFCI in the bathroom had tripped.

The existing AC duplex is not WR, but the enclosure/box/cover is.

I wasn’t familiar with the product, looked this one up. Cool solution, glad to know they exist.

Not sure if there is enough room for it behind (or around) the outlet, it appears to me that switch+module is going to be about the same as the GE smart outlet or more, I’ll do some measuring to confirm, according to the specs they are:“52x49x18.5mm”.


Those are okay, but I have had much better luck with this one:

The Aeon one seems to occasionally not notice a switch change transition, but this one has never failed. Also, it’s more easily fit into a small box. It can control two devices but of course you don’t need to use both.

Nice, I’ll order one, I’m sure I can use it somewhere eventually anyways.