Shallow Z-Wave Outlet for USA?

I need to replace an outlet and I thought I would install a new z-wave outlet. However, the electrical box is very shallow and the Leviton Vizia RF+ outlets I have used in the past are to deep to fit in the box. It would not be easy to replace the box; so I’m looking for a z-wave outlet that is not as deep. Any suggestions?

What’s the depth do you have to work with? Home Depot usually has the exact dimensions of any switches that they have, so you can compare them there.

I think the shallowest solution is usually the aeotec nano micro.

The other option is to use a “collar“ which lets you create a box which sticks up a little bit above the edge of the wall. Then you put a switch plate on that which is designed for that type of installation. The collar is typically called an “extension ring“ even though it is rectangular. :sunglasses:

So there are some different options.


The box is about 3/8-inch too shallow for the Leviton outlet. I’ll check the Home Depot website.

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Replacing the box might be your only option. You also need to be mindful of box fill rules. You can Google “electrical box fill chart” to get a sense of the allowable number of wires and connectors permitted with a STANDARD switch or plug, never mind these oversized z-wave plugs and switches.