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Loud Out Door Siren

(Duane) #1

Hello group
Im new here and just set up my new ST I need a loud and compatible outdoor siren,I have seen The Swann ONE outdoor siren does anyone know if this will work with ST or does anyone have a suggestion.

(Geko) #2

The simplest way is to use a regular 12V alarm siren powered by a 12V power supply plugged into a Z-Wave plug-in module.

(Duane) #3

where could I buy this is there an amp to drive it what would make it loud

(Geko) #4

You don’t need amp. Just connect it to 12V, 1A DC power supply and plug it into any Z-Wave appliance module

(Duane) #5

where can I get that power supply

(Geko) #6

Have you tried Amazon? :slight_smile: