Lost my vision; help me puzzle it out?

So I started with pieces and parts, but never connected them together. Now, two apartment moves later, I have the following, some based on recommendations through this community:
Samsung SmartThings Hub, Gen 2
Amazon Echo
Philips 431643 Hue White and Color Personal Wireless Lighting, Starter Pack, Frustration Free, 1st Generation
and Logitech Harmony Home Control. Model 915-000239

The Echo is consistently hooked up and used, and I used to utilize the lightbulbs every day, but I was never able to take the other items out of their boxes before 2 military moves and now I’ve lost perspective on what to do. How…where do I…start, I guess? I was going to get wall plugs, a bit cheaper than smart lightbulbs for everything and I have other stuff I’m sure I’d like to hook up) but I’m not sure what to go with there either.

Would really appreciate some guidance as I’m more of a beginner than I thought. I want to mindmap my Smart Home plan but all I have is (ECHO) and I dunno where else to go from here. Thank you for your insight!

Different people have different needs and preferences – – and very different budgets. So there’s no one right answer for this, of course.

I suggest you start by looking in the community – created wiki at the quick browse lists and check the “get started” list under projects. It has all kinds of tooics you might find inspiring and helpful, including Top ten use cases, what device should I buy next?, Even “I’m bored, what should I do now?” :sunglasses: