Lost events? (October 2023)

I have recently (roughly the past month) noticed that I have intermittent cases where events from sensors appear to be lost and thus don’t trigger an automation. I can’t be sure its just these types of devices, but I have found it happening on contact sensors Visonic MCT-340E and motion sensor Bosch ISW-ZPR1-WP13. In all cases I have noticed the open/motion is caught but the close/no motion is missed. Both Zigbee type devices that have been very good for many years. They even survived the platform transition and kept working great. The Bosch have a tendency to stop registering motion every 6 months or so, yet keep tracking temp, but that is wholesale. It either is working or its not and a power cycle brings them back. I have like 8 contact and at least 3 motion sensors of these types so it may be I am noticing these because I have more of them. Also many of them are part of immediate notification automations (e.g. door left open, hvac running and window open) so they are the most likely for me to notice a false positive. Every single time it happens I then open/close or walk in front of the sensors and they behave correctly. The reason I think the events are lost is when I go to the app to check the state of the device, it is correctly showing the closed/no motion yet the device history shows no record of the last event bringing to that state. The Visonic contact sensors are battery hogs all the time, but have been on overdrive recently. I have had to replace probably 5 batteries in these in the past 1-2 weeks. Actually now that I think about it, have had to replace batteries in probably 3 other motion sensors of a different type (Zigbee, but not coin battery). It could just be that time of year and they all just happen to die at the same time. . . but seems a lot of coincidence

Has anyone else noticed this?

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I’ve been seeing the exact same thing across various devices (including zigbee, zwave, and even virtual LAN).

I think it started around the time of the last firmware “upgrade”; I keep hoping it will just resolve itself, but that doesn’t seem to be happening…


Yes only noticed yesterday but some devices stayed in open mode after being closed. Opened them again and closed them. No issues. Will keep an eye on it

Have you both had a lot of battery drain too, or just the lost events?

@farlicimo. not noticed any battery issues. Have replaced 1 or 2 recently but that’s normal for me.

The issues with events being “skipped” is becoming more common. I wonder it the development team are working on something in the background. @nayelyz can you check with the developers. It seems to be mostly open/close sensors for me. No pattern that I can see. approx. 10% of opening/closing events are ignored.


No battery issues, just a lot of missing state changes — and it seems to just be getting worse!


I have been experiencing the same issues since a recent firmware update. It is not contact sensor type/brand specific, as it is happening with the original Samsung Multipurpose Sensors that came with the hub, my XFINITY Visonic XHS2-TY MCT-350 SMA contact sensors, and my MCT-340 E contact sensors. It is also not specific to a certain driver, as I use 2 different drivers. They show the correct state on the details page, but incorrectly show the previous state in the history. This is particularly annoying because it triggers alarms and notifications when there is no reason for it.

I have attempted to capture logs, but nothing useful appears. I keep hoping it will be corrected with a new update, but it has been driving my family crazy for quite awhile now.

@nayelyz - Any status update on a fix? I dont have any useful logs, but I have screenshots if that might be helpful.

Not sure if it is at all related, but I also am going through batteries 50% to 75% faster now compared to this same time last year or even 2 months ago.

I noticed this morning an event was missing… I have a routine that turns on a light when the closet door opens, and another routine that turns off that light if it has been on for more than 2 minutes. This morning the closet door was open and the light was on. (The cat opened the door before I woke up to see this.) I noticed that the door had been open for hours according to the history, but the light had no event record of ever turning on, hence the routine to turn off the light after 2 minutes never triggered.

Agreed. I’ve realized it’s happening even on virtual drivers/devices. Discussing that here.

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Yup, I just had a virtual contact sensor get out of sync as a result. Luckily a quick toggle of the virtual contact sensor has things back in sync for now. -face palm-

Hello people, thanks for your reports. I will take a look at this issue. Please let me ask/investigate with the engineering team about this. I’ll be back with the information as soon as possible.


I use quite a few Virtual Switches that i use in Routines as timers or conditions. Seems like the initial triggering of these switches from Routines fails regularly, but if i manually activate the switches a few times eventually they start working and then the Routines will correctly trigger them for the rest of the day. Frustrating!


This is a very real problem. It’s being frequently seen by virtual device users where it’s fairly obvious when device states get out of synch or routines don’t get triggered. I’ve seen it happen in real time watching driver logs where an event is emitted by the driver, no errors occur, but the event never gets propagated to the SmartThings servers. In fact I was exercising a few different virtual devices just last night and was able to reproduce the issue in short order.

There is something broken between Edge and the SmartThings servers that is causing emitted events by the driver to be dropped.


And it’s getting worse by the day. Lately my ZigBee contact sensors are just not working. And virtual devices seem to be unresponsive. To fix them I’m having to change the driver to something else, restart the app before changing the driver back again.

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In order to investigate this issue in a deeper way, can you please send us some information?
In case it is possible we need the following:

  • Driver logs
  • Open the ST CLI
  • Enter the command smartthings edge:drivers:logcat
  • Enter the information requested by CLI
  • Now you must be able to see the logs once you see the message “connected”
    Note: verify that the hub and the computer are in the same network
  • Hub Logs
  1. In the my.smartthings, enter “your hubs”
  2. Enter the corresponding Hub
  3. Click on “Dump Hub Logs”
  4. Change the reason for requesting hub logs if needed
  5. Click on “Dump Hub Logs”
  6. Confirm that the request is sumited
    Note: If you have more than one Hub, the name of the one involved in the issue.
  • Time in which the event should have happened

And also please can you give us access to your account?

  1. Confirm the email account registered in the forum is the same one you use for SmartThings. If not, please share it with me over DM.
  2. Enable support access to your account:
  1. Go to the SmartThings Web (my.smartthings.com)
  2. Log in to your Samsung Account
  3. Select Menu (⋮) and choose Settings
  4. Toggle on Account Data Access
  5. Select the time period and confirm - In this step, please select “Until turned off”, once the team finishes, we’ll let you know so you can disable it again.
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Has anyone gotten an answer on this? It is very much impacting my smart home and I could use a resolution soon

It’s been reported to the development team. But only since Friday. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. It was better for a while yesterday. But still now working normally for me

Does anybody have any news as to any corrections that may have been made? Since late evening Friday (Pacific Time), everything appears to be functioning without issue. All my virtual switches are now correctly being triggered via Routines and they no longer require any manual triggering to get things going.

Hoping this report does not jinx things and cause this to start failing again :grin:

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Issues have started back again today. Seems to be hit and miss. Works ok for a few hours and then starts reoccurring

My problems seem even bigger.
-Cannot load my devices via my smartthings dot com
Error loading devices: 500 A non-recoverable error condition occurred.
-Cannot edit or add routines. I can add a routine. Then I only see it in the My Smarttgings, but not in the app. Even made in that app, and saved.
-My Smartthings apps, on different android devices do not update well. My favourites, with battery, offline etc is NOT updated.
-I can give commands via my Android app.
-I canot see my Aeotec camera’s. However they seem to be updated now and then in the ST app.

I am super afraid that my date is compromised.
-get no contact via Whatsapp support