Looking for options and opinions on which zigbee brands to stick with

Since 30.3 released I have had all of my zigbee devices go offline or have intermittent connections. Went from 30.4 with no help, 30.5 still no good ( beta). Beta 30.5 did not mention a zigbee issue, while the firmware release states " Fix for a rare problem causing issues communicating with zigbee devices".

Most people have been fine with this/these releases so I was just trying to see if I could get some options and opinions on different brands to stick with. I have been sticking with the original motion sensors/open-close sensors. These have been rock solid till now.

For those who haven’t ran into an issue could you give me some insight? Thanks for your time.


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Are you looking for brands that work well with smartthings? Or just high quality Zigbee brands?

Just as an example, hue devices have excellent engineering, but work best with their own bridge. The integration between the bridge and smartthings is quite good, but doesn’t expose all the devices.

IKea Tradfri devices Aren’t quite as well-made when just looked at head to head, but work much better with smartthings when paired directly.

Xioami devices are exceptionally good value when Paired with their own Gateway if you’re OK with Chinese servers and app surveillance. They drop down to just OK when paired directly to smartthings. Still good for value brand, but not as good as IKEA for that purpose.

Innr is a good mid level brand.

3rd Reality has some interesting products. I’m using a couple in my own home and like them.

I’m intrigued by ERIA, but don’t know much about them.


if you’re OK with Chinese servers and app surveillance

Haha no not really, but I have looked at their line up before and liked what I saw.

I didn’t realize Ikea had devices so I might have to take a look there as well as the other brands you have talked about.

I have a couple Fibaro motion sensors and I really like them, mainly because it looks like the eye of sauron.

I also have a Aeotec Multisensor 6 which I like a lot, but they are never less than 60 dollars each.

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I think those last two brands I listed aren’t zigbee though.

Correct, Fibaro and Aeotec are zwave. :sunglasses:


Everybody likes the Xioami devices from the first look. The problem is that they are really intended for use with their own gateway, and can be “idiosyncratic” when used with other hubs. Meaning they can be hard to get connected and hard to keep connected.

FAQ: Help! New to smartThings: will Xioami/Aqara sensors work?

As it happens, the IKEA Tradfri are excellent zigbee repeaters and also work well to keep xioami devices connected to a smartthings hub. :sunglasses:

Are the IKEA devices natively supported or do I have to get a smartapp and DH?

A little google fu found me this IKEA tradfri outlet

I’m interested as it’s 10 dollars on the website, I could buy a few of those and then some of the sensors if it’s just as easily added.

I didn’t see any open/close sensors so I’ll have to look around for that.

I really like the look of the Innr outlets, but for the price I can deal with ugly if it does the exact same thing.

If I could link the Hue devices through to smartthings like I have the lights then I would be sold as that has been a non issue from the start with Hue. Love hue.

No custom code required. :sunglasses:

You’ll usually get the best price buying directly from IKEA.

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