Looking for narrow/thin z-wave switch

I have an adjustable 2 gang box that I need to put a z-wave switch and a fan switch in for a bathroom. Because the box is adjustable, the standard GE/Jasco z-wave switch is too wide to fit. Does anyone know of a more narrow/thing z-wave switch I can try as an alternative?

I don’t know of any that are narrower, but if it’s a regular extractor fan, there’s a zooz two in one single gang combo switch which has one button for the light and one for the fan. Would that work?

EDIT: I misread what you needed – I thought you needed an open/close sensor

@crousekristinj, I absolutely love this one… And it’s SUPER thin and so is the magnet. I have this on my refrigerator door. It registers as open/closed faster than any other sensor I’ve seen, and you don’t need any special handlers… It hooks right into SmartThings natively. It’s advertised as having a 10 YEAR battery life, but I’ve only had mine for a few months so I can’t attest to that. I think you throw it away after the battery dies… I don’t think you can change it.

Sensative Z-Wave Plus Ultra Thin Door/Window Contact Sensor Strips Guard, Good for Outdoor Installation https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LWMTUI8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_qy5PFbNE9R5CK

The latest generation of the GE/Jasco switches are 20% smaller than the previous ones (they claim). No more heatsink tabs to break off, and not as deep as the older version. I just ordered one of the new switches to replace an old GE Z-Wave (non-Plus) switch that failed. Here’s the Amazon link for the new switch:

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Thanks Dave - in this case I need a smaller housing vs. face and while the housing is shallower, it’s actually the same width. So far I’ve had great luck with these where a more shallow need exists, though!

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That’s very helpful - I’m going to go check that out!

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Thanks anyway - been looking into this open/close sensor as well so always good to get the feedback!