Needing Small Switch for Tight Box

Hello, I am trying to finally automate a bathroom fan and am having no luck fitting a standard size switch in this box in this bathroom. Just to many wires for the two light switches located on each side of the switch for the fan. I don’t see any possible way to compress the wires to fit this new GE switch I had bought. Any ideas would be appreciated. This group has been the best group I have ever belonged to as you all have great answers and are always willing to help. Thank you very much


I had to do this a couple of years ago but it is an idea you will probably not like. Replace the box for the switches with a deeper version. :slight_smile:

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uggg, I was thinking of these, anybody have any experience?

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This may work, but you would have to blank off one hole:
Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 Double Switch ZEN30 Ver. 2.0 For Light & Fan Combo