Looking for cheap speakers for baby nursery


(Diego Yong) #1

The main use of the speakers will be to play white noise and soothing sounds/music for the baby on the way. I would like to integrate it with chromecast audio, but I am not sure if I want to spend 129 on another google home, so i can add the voice control to the nursery, or simply add a speaker plus $35 chromecast audio, or are there any inexpensive cast-enabled speakers? I would like to keep the whole set up under $75 if possible…


I know some will frown on my solution but it’s works for me. Find you a cheap pair of computer speakers. I found some online for about $13. It’s a 2.1 system and I put one of them in my office and one in my bedroom. Together with the Google Home in my living room I can stream music though most of the house. Total cost $43. I found the Chromecast on sale for $30 plus $13 for the speakers.

Oh, and make sure your speakers have 3.5 mm connection as that is required for the Chromecast.

(Diego Yong) #3

Thank you for that. I remember someone mentioning that several months ago. However, aren’t those powered by USB?

I have looking at the following options for under $35 speakers

Sound bot $19.99

DKnight Magic Box $29.99


Not all are USB powered but I admit you do have to shop carefully because of the prevalence of that type of interface. Here is an example of one that would work. AC powered and 3.5mm input.


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Thanks Phil. I went to Bestbuy and got a pair of their entry level Insignia speakers for $15, and connected it, so far so good. that maybe a good solution since this is only going to the baby nursery, and I do not need, nor want anything too loud…


Hey that’s great. Glad that worked for you. Certainly it’s not going to everybody’s preferred solution but for my purposes it fills the need and does so economically.


This is essentially the same solution I used. I bought this bluetooth speaker on amazon.

I initially just played music in the baby’s room utilizing the bluetooth feature and my phone. I later connected it to a chomecast audio so that I didn’t have to worry about staying within 30 feet of the speaker for the bluetooth to remain connected. Using chomecast audio, this setup is awesome. I purchased a few more of these speakers and put them in my bedroom, the playroom and on the back patio. All connected to chomecast audio so I can send music from my google home to almost any room in the house. Much cheaper than sonos.