Looking for advice regarding smart door locks and proximity sensors

Amazon has the Schlage connect deadbolt 469 on sale for 150. I’d like to get that and use my phone connecting to my WIFI or leaving my WIFI as a proximity lock/unlock feature. I’m looking for advice from other users as I couldn’t find anything valid using the search feature.

iphone or android?

Oh ya, Android. I use Rule Machine too btw.


That looks like good app to do what I’m wanting it to, Do you per chance, use this with a Schlage lock?
I really don’t want to use GPS as it devours my battery. Actually, I won’t use it.

I only have an iphone, so unfortunately I have never used it. I believe several people do, though.

I use sharptools on my android but what your are thinking of doing would require tasker plug-in. It should work as you envision it though.

I have a Schlegel lock. I’ll try to set this up tomorrow.

Yale YRD120 Keyless $186. No, Really. In this case, Keyless MEANS Keyless! And, they look good.

We have to help our brothers who are still buying keyed sets. I am afraid of the ridicule they’ll get.


And, yes, I use Sharptools and Tasker for voice control, but connect to which WiFi may be a problem.