Looking for a recommendation for new thermostat


 I'm looking to buy a new thermostat to integrate into my system.  The thing is that I don't really need a lot of the features like learning or wifi.  I just need one that I send basic commands.  The one feature that I do need is the ability to turn only the fan on for a set time at different periods throughout the day to air out the house.  I have a cat and this clears the box smell from the home.  I can do the fan via smart apps I just need to make sure that the fan only control is exposed in the UI for the thermo.  Any suggestions?



I switched from Nest to the 2GIG CT100 (http://www.amazon.com/2gig-CT100-Z-Wave-Programmable-Thermostat/dp/B008CQ4V3Q). I’ve been very happy with it in its relative simplicity, yet it includes the functionality I needed. I haven’t used it, but it appears to have the ability to change the fan setting. It’s also an officially supported device.

Ecobee3. It is supported. And it also works independently if platform is broken.

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I am sticking with Nest. The new Nest manager app is awesome!!!

My family likes it for the simple user interface.

Nest also works with Alexa and Homebridge for voice control and reporting.

These have been bulletproof for me. Simple, easily controlled with (or without) ST, and does the fan control like you want (I do exactly what you want to do):

Evolve T100R (glass faced):

Marketing Brochure (the R looks/functions the same as the H)

Ebay listing

Ebay listing

Here’s the device handler I use (note fan controls):

I second the inexpensive ct100’s. I have 2 and they integrate great!

ct100 has been a favorite b/c its simple to use, zwave, and has battery so you dont have to mess with a c wire.
i used honeywell and trane. they are ok too.

these are option for if you dont care about a fancy touch screen, photo screen saver, internet fetching weather, etc.

I have the Trane Comfort Link XL 950 and love it. It doesn’t work with ST from what I have seen and the functionality is only good if your using Trane’s system. So if you have newer Trane system yes, but anything else no.

Thanks to everyone for the responses! Looks like CT100 is the one.



I stumbled on this thread and decided it was time to replace my thermostats, also with the ct100, mostly because @RBoy has device type customizations and SmartApps for it. Damn you @RBoy, I hold you responsible for my last several hundred dollars in expenditures!

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