Looking for a Noise Sensor Compatible With Smartthings (or possible doorbell)

I’m trying to get into Smartthings and leave behind a DIY home security system that’s becoming long in the tooth and I think the company may be winding things down. But the only thing really keeping me from making the switch is a noise sensor. I currently have a DIY home security system called Piper (getPiper.com). A few years ago Piper, and a similar competitor Canary, looked to be branching out with all in one home security devices; and then the market went in another direction - Smartthings, Nest, Ring and such. I’ve found all the sensors that I’d need with the exception of a noise sensor for someone who might say knock at the front or rear doors of my house. This concerns me because on New Years 2018 at 4:15am I had a total stranger, intoxicated, start knocking on my front door and it being on the opposite end of the house from the bedrooms I’d have never heard him but the microphone in Piper did and set off the siren alerting me to someone being outside (called the cops and they arrested him for public intoxication). I also know that sometimes burglars will knock at a door claiming to be someone going house to house until no one answers and then they’ll break in.

So I’m looking for a sensor that when someone comes knocking at the front door you’ll get an alert in away mode or it’ll set things off and sound the siren in stay mode depending upon the routine you have set up. Maybe a doorbell that’s compatible with Smartthings might suffice??? Any advise would be appreciated…

Contact sensors for doors can be used to notify when someone knocks with the right SmartApp, I use it to speak the notification on my speaker but can also send texts and notifications.

You can use the smartthings multi to get open/close and acceleration ie someone beating on the door… add in a ring doorbell and your front door should be able to let you know when something weird is going on.

Really? Thanks for letting me know. I’ve never used Smartthings before so how hard is it to create this routine?

A friend also suggested adding a smart doorbell. I was thinking the Skybell myself. Whether you add Ring or Skybell can it be set to filter out animals? The security cameras I have around the outside of my house, one of which actually watches the front door, show I have a bunch of rabbits and cats that roam around my house overnight. I’d like to set things so that when noise or vibration from knocking on the door is picked up or a doorbell detects someone it sets off a siren. I wouldn’t want the siren to go off just because a stray cat comes by the door…

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