Looking for a battery powered wireless switch that I can mount on a wall to control Leviton switch

Tagging onto this thread, as its a recent discussion. Slightly different though as looking for a battery operated Dimmer Switch recommendation.

This thread is 3+ years old and not relevant - Battery-powered switches and dimmer switches

The highly recommended Cooper Eaton RF9500 Aspire looks to be discontinued, so where one can find it online its far overpriced (amazon out, homedepot discontinued, etc). The Cooper Eaton RF9575 won’t work as its not able to dim another device, so I’ve read.

Already tried a Aeotec WallMote and suffice to say, its dimmer functionality is subpar and not really usable. Plus further complications with S0 and S2 modes with using associations groups thanks to the modern ST app. Had a support case ongoing for quite a while. Works fine for switching on and off.

The big FAQ is loaded with useful info, but also very dated - FAQ: Full list of buttons and remotes confirmed to work with SmartThings

Caséta by Lutron seems to be the only modern viable solution with the pico remote. This had originally been my first choice when I decided to go with smart light switches, but in the end decided against due to the cost for the number of switches desired. Now I’m having second thoughts a year later.