Looking for 220v switch and wall outlet

I am in Saudi Arabia and planning to purchase the Samsung Smartthings but before proceeding I want to know whether there are many brands for z-wave or zigbee switches and wall outlets that can run on a 220v 50/60 hz. Currently, I am renovating my house so I have no issues rewiring the circuits to have 3 or 4 wire setup and prefer a 20 amp. I’ve tried to search but most of the devices are rated for 120v such as the Leviton decora and the only other brand I found is TKB Control. Any help would be much appreciated.

The official Z wave alliance site lists all certified zwave products, so you can look there.


You do need to know what frequency you want to operate on. The SmartThings hub is currently sold on only two frequencies: US or EU. ( The frequency cannot be changed after the time of manufacture.)

Saudi Arabia uses the same frequency as the EU, which is the good news.


However, there are almost no in wall receptacles made for the EU frequency because of the variety of plug designs and wiring requirements in that region. It just hasn’t been economically viable for most companies to design.

Instead, there are two different alternatives that you will find on the list of EU certified Z wave products.

First are plug-in modules, which we usually call “pocket sockets” in this forum to make it clear what kind of devices we are talking about. There are several brands making these in various different plug formats.

Second are in wall micro modules which are wired into the circuit behind the existing receptacle. With these you have to be careful that you were getting one that can handle the amperage of the circuit. Many are really only designed for lighting and have a maximum carry load of 10 A. That’s not enough for small appliances like a blender or a hairdryer. There are heavy duty ones available, but they do cost more.

As far as zigbee goes, I don’t know what would be available in Saudi Arabia. Zigbee uses the same frequency all over the world, but manufacturers do use different profiles, so there’s not quite the same interchangeability as there is with Z wave. For example, control4 makes an excellent, if very expensive, Home automation system, but they use a proprietary encoding so that their devices don’t work with any other system.

In addition, there are regional differences on the strength of the zigbee signal that is allowed. US allows for “boosted zigbee” which transmits at almost twice the strength which is legal in the EU market. So many zigbee devices from the US cannot be used there for legal reasons even though technically they would be fine.

Zigbee is very popular for home automation in China, and there are many inexpensive devices available from there, but only a few of them have the safety certifications that are required for the EU or the US. So personally I don’t use them, although there are some community members to do.

I know that’s not really the answer you were hoping for, but there really isn’t anything that connects directly to SmartThings that matches your request.

Some UK members use the lightwave RF system for in wall receptacles but then you have to add an additional device to act as a “man in the middle” between smartthings and your lightwave RF account, and it’s not really a full-featured integration. But they do offer U.K.-style sockets.

And here’s the community thread where you can ask more about the lightwave RF option if you are interested further in that:

I forgot to mention that for wall switches you will have quite a few Z wave options as long as you have a neutral wire at the switchbox. And you can get a variety of covers and faceplates for them to change the look if there something you prefer.

You do need to make sure that the backbox (patress) for each switch box is deep, typically 47 mm, as the radio in the device takes some additional room.


There also in wall micros, as mentioned above, that are specifically designed for lighting.

Thanks a lot JDRoberts for the detailed response.

Can I use the wall micro modules with any wall outlet? If possible then I was planning to use the Legrand 2 gang outlet with USB.

My main goal was to control the lighting as I will be installing LED spot lights all around the house and secondly would be to control some outlets along with the thermostat. But I would also like the ability to add new devices letter on to the hub and not to be restricted.

Certainly the LightwaveRF has very nice retrofit outlets but I am interested in a system that can be also future proof and easy to maintain.

They can be used with the LeGrand switches, I honestly don’t know about the outlets.

@mike_maxwell might know more.

After researching I think there is not yet a reasonable solution for the countries that have 220v unless you have to spend a lot by purchasing wall micro modules.

I require at least 50 of them… :confounded:

The best within the budget and a reasonable system would be LightwaveRF with Vera as my requirement is just to control the lighting (I have around 80-100 LEDs), outlets (has very neat ready made ones), thermostat.

In this configuration, you will get the best from both worlds. Outlets from LightwaveRF for countries using 220v Type G and all the Z-Wave devices.

Using Z-Wave and LightwaveRF Together

Did anyone try the TKB switches with the Smartthing? Since they are z-wave they should be directly detectable right?