Long-term graphing woes, roll my own?

Hi all, I’m a fellow Connector-of-All-Things, and I have some basic temperature and humidity data that I want to graph over time (months, years). The problem I’m seeing is that they are only a handful of sensors, so I don’t need a commercial IoT platform. The lowest I saw was $19/month, which is too much for my research.

I looked at Adafruit.io, but they only retain data for 30 days, too short for me.

I put together a basic MQTT collector and an interactive chart w/panning and zooming, but before I went down this path I wanted to see if others have the same issue, and found a solution. I see that Numerous is no longer, and I reached out to the founder to learn why.

edit: Changed to be more about the pain point I’m having and if there are others like me.

I’ve still been using GoogleSheets SmartApp. Recently found you can export the GoogleSheet chart as an image that gets refreshed when data is updated, so it is usable in SmartTiles…

GoogleSheets has some nice features, but as an engineer who uses Excel regularly, it can be frustrating sometimes. Still trying to figure out how to only chart last X data points. Currently I have to manually adjust the chart’s data range every week because it will squeeze more and more data into the chart.

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That looks nice and clean, thanks! And Googlesheet is never-ending data, so that could hold it forever. Hmmm.

I’ll play around with it myself, but are you able to dig into spikes or unusual data? From the GH repo, looks like I’d be creating a graph in GoogleSheets, correct?

You can see what some other people have done by using the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki and looking under smartapps for “logging.” Some of those are pretty old, though, and not all the services may still be available, but it might still give you some ideas. And some of them are still current. :sunglasses:


There are size limits with GoogleSheets, I forget what they are off hand. Oh, you point out a limitation of the current SmartApp, it only logs data periodically (I think I have it set to 15min). If you want more real-time logging you could edit the SmartApp or Device Handler to directly log to GoogleSheets with the URL you find in the SmartApp. For example, I had modified the Weather Device Handler to log WeatherUnderground precipitation directly to my GoogleSheet (since I could not get that parameter to log via the SmartApp).

The SmartApp doesn’t discuss charts… but once you have it logging data correctly, then you can add charts to it.

Awesome, thanks @JDRoberts. I’m (clearly) new here and want to be mindful of this community, appreciate the pointer.

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Ahh, Ok, I see what I’d need to do with the handler. Since I’ve got some devices reporting in via MQTT, I may build a standalone collector for all the data - that then puts it into GS. I’m surprised there isn’t a more robust solution, but from what I can tell people are using this data for casual reference, so there isn’t a low-priced platform around it. And it’s a lot of engineers who like to build :slight_smile:

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Check out Artik.cloud (https://artik.cloud/) you can send a message every 10 minutes per device for the free tier and it has pretty nice charting. 3 months retention so maybe not long enough for your needs

I used it a bit to measure temps in some rooms to see if they are staying at a steady state. It is a supported Smartthings app under marketplace.

Thanks for this tip. I never realized there was a smartapp to do this. I have explored Google Sheets in the past, and wasn’t crazy about all the workarounds to make charts. I also explored Initial State, and I am not looking for a price based solution. It’s a powerful centralized logging solution as opposed to using the IDE. In addition, there is a rules engine.

This might fit my needs.